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Topic: M1A1 Project: Characteristics of Globalization & Society

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Topic: M1A1 Project: Characteristics of Globalization & Society


M1A1: Project 1A: Characteristics of Globalization 
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File Global society_Appelrouth and Edles.PDF (351.189 KB) 
This activity will enable you to:
Analyze a social science question or issue using appropriate theory and method and recommend possible solutions to the problem. (Social Science Outcome 1)
Before beginning this project, please:
Read the following from Lechner and Boli (Eds.),(2015). The Globalization Reader (5th ed.)
Chapter 7: Sociology of the Global System
Read the following from Appelrouth, S. and Edles, L.D.(2008). "The Global Society" Classical and Contemporary Sociological Theory,
Chapter 17 (pdf)
Read the Module Notes
In Project 1A, you will write a short paper on Sklair`s perspective on globalization. Address the following in your paper:
Although Sklair notes that the current global system is "not synonymous with the global capitalist system," he regards specific features of world capitalism as driving forces of globalization. What are these features, and what is their impact? Give your own examples, different from the examples in the textbook, of these features.
Compare Sklair`s views with Appelrouth and Edles` analysis of the "weak" version and the "strong" version of globalization? What are the points of convergence and of divergence between the two views?
The paper, not including the cover page, should be 1000 words in length, double spaced in 12–point font. This paper should be submitted by 11:55 PM ET on Sunday of Module 1.


Characteristics of Globalization Student: Professor: Course title: Date Introduction The concept of globalization has been around for a couple of years now. Although it has existed for close to a century, it only became propounded in the beginning of the 21st century. There are multiple definitions given to globalization. In a nutshell, however, globalization is the integration of economic activities at a deeper level and opening up economic ties thereby allowing for economic dependence. Globalization moves from a small independent slow growth economy to deeply integrated open economies that depend on each other. Business in ancient years was more characterized by barter trade. The introduction of money and actual selling of goods and services was motivated by the need to experience economic growth. Similarly, the concept of globalization is crucial because among other fundamental issues, it promotes economic growth. Through integration of both strong and weak economies, there is room for hastened improvement. In this paper the characteristics of globalization have been discussed extensively. Of more inte


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