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Topic: Literary Research: Explore the Age Theme in The Bell Jar

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Topic: Literary Research: Explore the Age Theme in The Bell Jar


Essay portion should be approximately 1500 words 
This assignment is designed as an exercise both in critical reading of the literature AND in engaging with pertinent scholarship on that literature. Bear in mind that the assignment is a research task and that its essential that you have a clear central argumentative claim, supported with primary and secondary textual evidence. 
This assignment is an exercise in thinking critically about, and being critical in ones use of, others interpretations of a literary work. The basic strategy resembles that of your previous assignments, but this time you are expected to incorporate at least two (2) secondary sources in your essay. These sources must be peer-reviewed scholarly publications available through the library, journals, or the online databases accessible through the library websites e-resources page. You may not use informal internet sources such as web articles, Wikipedia, etc.
You will be developing your main argument with the help of other critics work, so as you conduct your research, be alert to both agreements and disagreements in the critics characterization of your chosen topic and take account of these as part of your contribution to the ongoing scholarly conversation about the text and its interpretation.
Be sure to put forth a clearly articulated thesis or argument, and to provide textual evidence, both primary and secondary, in support of your claims. You are expected to develop your own specific argumentative claim within the area you choose to investigate and you are expected to distinguish your essay from the content of our in-class discussions on these topics (ie. I dont want a paraphrase of our discussionsI want you to tackle a question or problem of your own in one of the below contexts). Spelling and grammar ALWAYS count, so be sure to proofread your work. 
The goal of the essay is to provide a detailed, insightful, well-supported analysis of the primary text. Remember that, as with all research essays, its essential that you have a clear central claim, stated up front and supported throughout with primary and secondary textual evidence.
You are expected to cite the primary and secondary texts in support of your claims, and to provide an MLA-standard list of Works Cited according to the guidelines in the Style Sheet.
This assignment is worth 25% of your final grade.
Suggested topics to consider:
1. What is the significance of the motif of the bell jar in The Bell Jar?
2. The Bell Jar is considered to be a feminist classic. Do you agree? Why or why not?
3. Explore the coming of age theme in The Bell Jar.
4. Consider the novel The Bell Jar in terms of the mythical heros journey.
5. How is the power of The Bell Jar impacted by what many assume is autobiography, rather than fiction?
6. Is Esther a reliable or an unreliable narrator? Explain.
7. Explore the theme of imprisonment and its connected symbols and motifs that run throughout The Bell Jar.
8. Choose one recurring image in The Bell Jar and trace how its meaning changes and develops as Esther changes. 


Name: Institution: Date: Coming of Age Coming of age can be a challenging phase in one`s life and the harsh reality of life can shake the very core values, beliefs and dreams of an individual. An individual has to take control of his/her destiny in which striking a balance between life choices, and their resultant consequences can take a toll on him/her. An individual`s background and environment play a key role in this phase of taking control of one`s life and forging your way through challenges to build your future. Without proper guidance and patience, a person can quickly be disoriented and lose hope in life in the life he/she had been envisioning from childhood through to that particular point in time. Coming of age can squeeze the very life and hope of your childhood dreams and propel you into uncertainty, hopelessness, and depression. It is the same situation Esther, a character in Sylvia Plath`s novel, The Bell Jar, finds herself in after turning nineteen. In this article, am going to explore in detail the theme of coming of age basing my arguments on Sylvia Plath`s novel, The Bell Jar. Coming of age requires personal sacrifices, and they compel an individual to make very hard choices. It is important that the person is fully aware of the repercussions and can live with the consequences. CITATION Car131 l 1033 (Hintz & Ostry, 2013)opines that childhood dreams are characterized with a utopia state of mind and many kids often lag behind rather than having ...

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