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Topic: Limiting the Power and Jurisdiction of the Federal Government

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Topic: Limiting the Power and Jurisdiction of the Federal Government


Dear writer, I actually don`t know exactly what my professor ask me to do. So I will post his instruction. I also attach an example which the professor give me as reference. Hope it can be helpful for you. 
" There is an organized effort to amend the Constitution of the United States using an Article V Convention of States. The resolutions being considered across several states outline three subject areas within which amendment proposals could fall: (1) fiscal restraints on the federal government; (2) limits on the power and jurisdiction of the federal government;(3) limits on the terms of office for federal officials. What are benefits of the proposed
amendments? What are the risks?
Your assignment for the mid-term/class essay is to pick one of these amendments and analyze why it is being proposed. Then you can either decide to argue in favor of the amendment, argue against the amendment, or you can simply provide an objective in the
middle analysis. Your essay should introduce the issue that the amendment is supposed to address, a brief description of the amendment (you can include a more detailed description
as well), and then provide a discussion for, against, or analyzing the proposed amendment you chose. Then include a closing statement summarizing your position.
A list of some of the proposed amendments can be found here:
Or here, Governor Abbott’s Texas Plan (quick look at amendments).
Or here, Governor Abbott’s Texas Plan (more detailed).
You must also include a “works cited” page using APA or MLA formatting.
 Include at least 2 peer reviewed sources.
Please remember, the sources must be peer reviewed sources.
Can you send me a draft after 3 or 4 days? I can email the professor to make sure the essay is on the right way.


Limiting the Power and Jurisdiction of the Federal Government by Name: Institution: Date: Limiting the Power and Jurisdiction of the Federal Government Texas Governor Greg Abbott has unveiled a plan to restore the rule of law and uphold the principles of the constitution put forth by the founding fathers CITATION Tex16 l 1033 (Texas Gov Release, 2016). His plan is to encourage the formation of convection of states to pursue some constitutional amendments he deems necessary. The convention of states is provided for in the constitution under article V to propose amendments to the constitution. Governor Abbott amendments aim at giving the state`s power to limit the jurisdictions of the federal government. In his plan, he outlined the abuse of powers by the federal government to compromise the operations of the states. He has opted to use the convention of states to propose amendment


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