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Topic: Leadership and Ethic Research: Oprah Winfrey, Gandhi

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Topic: Leadership and Ethic Research: Oprah Winfrey, Gandhi


Please find the attachment and let me know if you have any questions 1-My assigned leader is Oprah 2-choose leader is Ghandi 3- leader is me (Sama Baroom

Key Points to Remember
–Double spaced lines
–Size 12 Times New Roman Font
–1 in Margins Top, Bottom, and Sides
–Only use graphs, tables, and any other graphics if they are specifically relevant to the page where there are located and provide substantial clarity to the text on that page.
–Page numbers are centered in the bottom margin.
–Page numbers begin on the first introduction page and end last conclusion page. 


•What is a Comparative Analysis?
–It is an analysis method used for finding patterns and drawing inferences from multiple data sets.
–In this assignment the data sets are Strengths, Weaknesses, which are analyzed to determine Opportunities and Threats.
–A comparative analysis always compares at least three entities.
–One of the entities has to represent the research focal point. [In this case that focal point is YOU!]
–You will look for strengths and weaknesses in other leaders that when analyzed would indicate possible opportunities or threats growing as a leader.
•Lesson 1 – Focus on  Mission
–Organizational interests before self interest
•Lesson 2 – Convey Strategy Intent
–Why we are doing what we are doing
•Lesson 3 – Meet the Troops
–Lead by your example
•Lesson 4 – Make Decisions
–Don’t procrastinate…Be decisive
•This means when you finish one section or part you continue on the same page using the normal double spacing.
•Contiguous double spacing of lines.
•Contiguous inclusion of content on pages.


LEADERSHIP AND ETHICS A Research Project Presented to: Professor: In partial fulfillment of Requirements for Fisher College Sama Baroom November 2, 2016 Introduction There are quite a number of theories that largely describe leadership. Some of which indicate a clear cut approach to understanding the right leadership qualities. However, leadership is more than just the character and styles (Martin, 2015). In most of the cases, leaders are forced to apply more than one style in their leadership approach depending on the demand from situation at hand. While a leader may predominantly use one style, they may be required to mix up their approaches to meet the objectives and resolve current and even future challenges. Over the last more than 80 years, leadership styles have been largely revolutionized to embody the different skills and traits in the realm. At the same time, there are shifts in the society, whereby some of the characters that were once valuable to a leader are taking a back seat as the society becomes more integrated and self-aware (Martin, 2015). However, while there are quite a number of approaches of looking at leadership styles and traits, a good leader is one that is able to inspire those that he/she is working with to improve and achieve their goals. Some of the inspiring leaders though from different times, who have been quite influential are Gandhi and Oprah. These leaders are comparatively different and in some of the cases sim...

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