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Topic: Issue Analysis Essay Assignment: Black-White Gap

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Topic: Issue Analysis Essay Assignment: Black-White Gap


Employing an academic writing style (formalized/standard English, spelling, punctuation and grammar) each student will compose an essay based on a reading selected by the instructor. Students will be evaluated on their paper`s organization, clarity of thought and sociological analysis.
I attach the article ( the reading selected by the instructor) in the order.
First, examine the article as a whole & briefly discuss its thesis.
Next, you will select and support the framework(s) (e.g. Family Dynamics, Mobility Issues, Poverty Concentration, Ethnic/Racial Differences, etc.) you believe best explain this issue/social problem.
Finally, as a responsible member of a democratic, civil society, use your critical thinking and analytical skills to present a plan for specific changes that you would implement to resolve and/or manage this social problem. In other words, imagine you are planning to begin a social movement; what steps would need to be taken? In what ways would you engage others by developing a deliberative democratic forum/dialog regarding this issue? What specific role would you assume to achieve this change? What forms of civic infrastructure, scientific assessment, etc. could help forward your agenda? How would you utilize public opinion and public policy/law to address this issue? How would you fund these planned changes? You are encouraged to support your argument with direct textual evidence and your sociological insights (applicable terms and concepts learned over your semester of study).


Name Course Instructor Date The Black-White Gap The United States of America has made unceasing efforts to end the Black-White gap particularly in the achievement of secondary and elementary school pupils. Every year when NAEP disputes the national report card, the title page focuses on whether the achievement gap is fluctuating or not (Paul and Richard, 1). Thus, the report concentrates on the educational gap between the White and Black. It also portrays the contextual aspects behind the gap in education success from the twentieth century to the present-day. Besides, accounts for the positive change in the gap before the 1980s, and the stability in the area afterward. Based on the available data the report attempts to give reasons for this trend in academics. Poverty concentration, family dynamics, mobi


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