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Topic: International Relations POL 720

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Topic: International Relations POL 720


Good afternoon, I have an assignment for International Relations. There are two questions, each question should be about 5 double-spaced pages. Questions linked bellow. Thank you,


POL 720

End of Semester Exam



Answer question number ONE plus question two or three.  Each question should consist of 5 double spaced, one-sided pages.  The answers for this exam as well as the previous one must be submitted by hand no later than noon time on December 16th.  Make sure that you submit an exam that is written in good, idiomatic English that is free from grammatical errors.   

1)      Write a concise, organized, and well-argued essay in which you explain Samuel Huntington’s “Clash of Civilizations” theory showing in your answer: 1) Huntington’s reflections on the fundamental sources of conflict in post-Cold War global politics; 2) what he says about the Arab strongmen regimes; 3) what he also tells the reader about the dynamic of interaction between Islamic civilization and the West; 4) the points at which his theory intersects with or departs from the core premises of realist and liberal international relations paradigms that we discussed in the course; 5) the praise and criticism that his theory has inspired.


2)      Explain what feminist IR theorists aim to expose, what they critique, and what they try to add to the field of international relations theory.


3)      Explain the proposals of liberal international relations theory about how world politics can be influenced by economic interdependence, international law and international institutions, the spread of democracy, and domestic and international civil society.  


International Relations Institution Date Introduction The post-cold war era has been of interest to scholars. The significant interest has been revealing new sources of conflicts and resolving them. While the biggest question has been what would be the cause of conflict in the post-cold war era. Various theorists have been applied to the topic with liberalists claiming it is possible to avoid war while realist was claiming that there is no promise of stability. Other scientists have characterized post-cold war era with affirmations of about the importance of democracy, freedom, and prosperity. However theorists Samuel Huntington did not view the period like that and in his ‘clash of civilization` theory, Huntington foresees emerging conflicts due to cultural dissimilarities. The argument makes a succinct prediction on the conflicts and their causes and also specifies the types of wars that would be fought. It is in this background that the paper seeks to examine Huntington`s theory. The paper will be divided into five parts with the first part giving Huntington`s reflection on the fundamental sources of conflicts, his view on Arab strongmen regime, the dynamic interaction between Islamic civilization and the West. Additionally, the paper will explain the relationship between the theory and the core premises of realist and liberal international relations. Huntington theory details what he believes would cause war in the post-cold w...

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