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Topic: Institutional affiliation Causes of Female Violence

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Topic: Institutional affiliation Causes of Female Violence


Week 9 types offenders-violent female offenders
Leslie Van Houten. Patricia “Katie” Krenwinkel. Susan Atkins. What do these women have in common?
More than 40 years ago these women participated in one of the most brutal murders ever recorded. Under the direction and influence of Charles Manson, these women entered the Los Angeles home of director Roman Polanski and stabbed to death his pregnant wife, Sharon Tate, and everyone in the home at the time. They also murdered Leno and Rosemary LaBianca at their Los Feliz home the next day.
Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme did not participate in the actual murders but was a member of Manson’s inner circle. She demonstrated her devotion to Manson by attempting to assassinate President Gerald Ford in 1975. Fromme was given a life sentence and was paroled in 2009. Van Houten. Krenwinkel. and Atkins remain in prison.
Do these women match the ideal picture of what most societies consider to be violent offenders?
This week you are introduced to the violent female offender. You analyze factors that contribute to lower rates of violent female offenders as well as the factors that contribute to offenses committed by females.
By the end of this week, you should be able to:
Analyze factors related to the gender of offenders
Analyze factors that contribute to offenses committed by females
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Causes of Female Violence Names Institutional affiliation Causes of Female Violence Introduction Background of bonnie and Clyde Women have various reasons for their engagement in criminal activities. A recently concluded study suggests that people only concentrate on the reasons why men commit crimes but forego female offenders. Ever since time, there have been cases of women criminals who shocked the nation. A good example of such a woman is Bonnie Parker was the accomplice to Clyde Barrow, and together they were referred to as Bonnie and Clyde (Viren, 2012). With the help of their accomplices, the couple is believed to have gone on a robbery spree in the South and Central America. They captured headlines for their crimes across the country. The crimes range from murder, robbery with violence and the ability to escape every time the law cau


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