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Topic: Industrial Revolution, Loss of Woolen Spinning Assignment

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Topic: Industrial Revolution, Loss of Woolen Spinning Assignment


In your Compare/Contrast post, discuss the similarities and differences between what your source says about Unit 3’s themes to what your fellow student suggests that his or her source says about the major themes of the Unit. 
Try to answer these questions in your CC post:
•Do you see similarities between the two essays? 
•Do you see any differences between the document you discussed and the one discussed by the student? 
•What conclusions can you draw from the similarities and differences?

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Created by Raissa Ivahat on Nov 2, 2016 4:36 PM

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The source I`m doing my essay on, is a combination of testimonies describing the lives of female workers in the Industrial Revolution. These contain the results of an investigation into the conditions of labour in the mines made by Ashley`s Mines

Commission in 1842. The Ashley Mines Commission was a parliamentary commission that interviewed mine employers and workers from 1841-1842, focusing on physical conditions and sexual behavior of the workers.

The content of the source is several testimonies by mostly young girls who are describing the condition in which they work in pits; At what time they go in and go out, how dressed they are, how many brothers and sisters they have. In every testimony, each girls don`t like they working conditions but they are obliged to because of their family situation or because they don`t know how to read or how to write. Also, the other aspects of their testimonies was their physical and health conditions. In two of the testimony, young girls describe how men worked in the pit and often they would abuse those young girls in the mine. 

In conclusion, we see that Women and children had the key role of wage earner when belonging to poor families of the working class. Their working day was officially of 11 or 12 hours, but some remained underground for 26 hours, working in narrow and dark tunnels. Their work consisted in trapping, hurrying and picking down coal in pits without any lighting or ventilation. One comment from an owner I think got my attention, he said: "Not one woman in a hundred ever becomes a coal-getter, and that is one of the reasons the men prefer them." Those men were using women and never had the intention of letting one day rise depending of the work they would do and that is very sad. However the textbook tells us that later in the spread of the early industrialism, the workers conditions were better. "By the 1830`s, in Belgium, nothern France, and the nothern German states-all of which had coal reserves-conditions had grown more suitable for industrialization than earlier when wages were low." (P.796).

Sivers, Peter Von, Charles Desnoyers, and George B. Stow. Patterns of World History. New York: Oxford UP, 2012. Print. chapter 23, p.796




Industrial Revolution Name: Institution: Course: Date: Industrial Revolution When comparing and contrasting the post on Ashley`s mines and that on Loss of Woolen Spinning, there are some intriguing developments that show (Col, 2016). The two articles bring out some of


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