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Topic: Incompatibility of David Humes Arguments Research

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Topic: Incompatibility of David Humes Arguments Research


Please use your own thought avoid the second source, thank you! i) The point of this assignment is for you to choose a position and justify your choice--you should not "sit on the fence." That means that you have to give reasons to support your view, and you have to try to anticipate how a critic would object to the position that you take and how you would respond to such criticism (which means giving more reasons). The assigned readings are often likely to be important here, so do not ignore them.(ii) Stick to the topic. Your essay should begin with a short introductory paragraph, which explains briefly and clearly what you intend to say and how you intend to support it. `Briefly` means briefly. You do not need a whole page to do this. Avoid windy introductions. Limit your opening remarks to a few clear and succinct sentences which say what position you intend to take and how you intend to justify it. --No grand (and unsupported) generalizations about the history of thought, or humanity`s "quest for knowledge" or "today`s society" etc., please! Clarity, precision and conciseness are virtues here.(iii) Remember to explain the question! (iv) Read Vaughan and McIntosh, Writing Philosophy, Chapters 3-5. These chapters provide some useful tips for writing an argumentative essay. For help with grammar, punctuation, style and documentation, seeWritingPhilosophy, Chapters 7-9 and Appendix B.(v) Since your task is to present and justify your position, you should avoid secondary sources. I am interested in what you have to say about these topics, not what someone else thinks.(v) You should, however, discuss assigned readings where they are relevant, and you must cite the ones you discuss. Anything that you cite or quote should be clearly indicated as a citation or a quotation, and appropriate page-numbers should be provided. Your paper should include a proper bibliography, which identifies the author(s),editor(s), title, publisher and date of any source that you consult--even if everything is in the course reader--or the relevant and complete bibliographical information in the form of footnotes or endnotes. (There is no need to includeWriting Philosophy in your bibliography.) See Writing Philosophy, Chapter 7 and Appendix B for stylistic guidelines fordocumentation. You will be penalized for failing to cite properly


Name Course Instructor Date Incompatibility of David Hume`s Arguments David Hume explored the human action and what renders them to act the way they do. In his explorations, Hume came up with the free will and free action argument and the causal determinism as the main guidelines for human actions. Several scholars and philosophers have argued for and against Hume`s believes in an effort to explore and challenge his thinking of human nature. This study takes the approaches of incompatibility in challenging the ingenuity of Hume`s arguments on free will and causal determinism. The first argument is based on the fact that free will is guided by the ability to make a choice on what action to take, and also, to make a choice is based on the availability of genuine options which to choose from. This approach is called the consequence argument. The second argument is based on the fact that if determinism is true, then our actions do not occur in the right way and manner. Therefore, the truth of determinism could mean that we as human beings we don`t have control of over our actions and our actions do not originate from within our abilities. This argument is commonly known as the origination argument. Firstly, Hume`s argument on free will is based on the fact that the spirit of care guides human beings free will actions. Take an example of Allison who is taking a free action of taking his dog for a walk. Allison thinks that its right


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