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Topic: HRM450 Employment Law: Compensation & Policy in HRM

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Topic: HRM450 Employment Law: Compensation & Policy in HRM


HRM450 - Employment Law: Compensation & Policy
CSU Global
Portfolio Project Assignment Choice #2: Exploring Current Issues in Human Resources - Worth 350 Points
Throughout this course, you have explored the various issues currently related to employment and human resources that impact an organization. In this final project, you will explore a specific topic/issue related to human resources within a specific organization. You may select from the general list (see below), but keep in mind that you may also select from more specific topics, such as affirmative action, downsizing, health care coordinated services, negotiation, grievance processes and diversity, and international aspects.
General topics/issues related to human resources:
Labor relations
Employment laws
Compensation issues
Labor contracts
Labor administration
Grievances and dispute resolution
Employee discipline
Once you have selected your topic, you must then choose the organization where you are currently employed or one with which you are familiar and discuss how that topic/issue has impacted the organization, how the organization has responded to the topic/issue, and recommendations you would offer the organization based on your analysis of its past approaches.
In order to fully develop your discussion, your project must include the following elements:
Organization profile
Historical perspective of topic/issue (Discuss the history of the topic you selected from both a national, as well as your organization’s perspective.)
Topic/issue impact on organization (Discuss how the topic you selected has impacted your organization.)
Organization response to topic/issue (Discuss how your organization currently responds to/deals with the topic you selected.)
Your analysis of organization response to topic/issue (Incorporate course readings and outside sources to support your analysis, and compare and contrast your organization’s response/approach to that of another similar organization.)
Recommendations for organization (Incorporate course readings and outside sources to support your recommendations/solutions.)
Your paper is due at the end of Week 8 and must:
Conform to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements
Be 8 to 10 pages in length (excluding title page and references)
Incorporate at least four academic/scholarly sources. The CSU-Global Library is a good place to find these sources.


Exploring Grievance and Dispute Resolution in the Coca-Cola Company Name: Institutional Affiliation: Exploring Grievance and Dispute Resolution in the Coca-Cola Company The management of grievances and conflicts in an organization is critical for its success in achieving its goals. Any employee dissatisfaction that is either expressed or hidden can lead to adverse impacts on the company such as decreased productivity. A grievance refers to a formal complaint that one gives in writing, demonstrating their lack of satisfaction with a particular issue. The absence of a proper mechanism for addressing these concerns can lead to strained working relationships that are crucial for optimum performance. The employees may present grievances regarding their working conditions, sexual harassment, wages, discrimination, and disagreement over the disciplinary processes among others. The human resource department has the responsibility of dealing with these matters and preventing them from escalating to levels that cause adverse effects. The line managers and supervisors are also charged with the role of addressing these issues. Additionally, the management and an organization’s policy developers have the duty of developing the right procedures for tackling such challenges. Dispute resolution is also an important aspect that helps in addressing the issue at an early stage. The process preserves the employees/employer/union relationships. Also, through this, there...

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