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Topic: How Westerly took Charge and Established Herself as Assistant Producer Owner

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Topic: How Westerly took Charge and Established Herself as Assistant Producer Owner


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This written case analysis provides you with an opportunity to apply concepts learned up to this point in the course 
please copy and paste, and address the following questions.
1. How effective has Westerly been in taking charge and establishing herself as assistant product owner at Kauflauf? Explain.
2. What made her first attempt to change sales calls patterns fail?
3. Assume you are assigned to lead this change. Describe how you would enact the eight stages of Kotter’s eight-step model(attached) to change the call patterns? For each stage describe, what you would do, how you would do it and who you would involve. Explain your thinking.
4. What would you do to overcome resistance?
Professionalism –This paper should be written at academic level and free of typographical and grammatical errors. Use headings and subheadings and literature to support your discussion. Use APA style to cite these references ad include a reference page. Points are deducted for spelling and grammatical errors.


Case Analysis Student: Professor: Institution: Course Title: Date: How Westerly took charge and established herself as assistant producer owner Westerly engaged in an interaction with RSD and field consultants in order to learn more about their clients` requests and evaluate them, which is a responsibility of an assistant product owner in understanding the customers and their needs (Gabarro& Kaftan, 2014). Westerly effectively managed taking charge through establishing a strategy and empowering action between the RSD and field consultants. This was in effect to using their skills to achieve a shared value. She also used her support group and development group of contacts to gauge a feasibility and time frame so that they can meet the requests of the sale groups. This showed her priority in establishing development priorities and understanding the market. She used her leadership skills to encourage action from her contacts to communicate the vision of Kauflauf and its organization culture (Stuyfzand, 2015). Westerly also attended trade shows and she would maintain contact with outside sources that would help establish the value proposition and profitability of Kauflauf within the product group (Gabarro& Kaftan, 2014). This made her understand more about the market and its competitors, and be more educated about the current trends that are very effective aspect as a leader. Westerly would guide the developers of Kauflauf in coding, debug...

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