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Topic: Homelessness: Sociological Theories That Explains Homelessness

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Topic: Homelessness: Sociological Theories That Explains Homelessness


Learning Outcomes

This week students will:

  1. Understand social problems associated with the shift from rural to metro America.
  2. Discuss and critique the rationale for defining global climate change as a social problem.
  3. Assess the interrelationship of environmental inequality and climate change.


We have reached our final week of class! This also means your final papers are due. As always, remember to review the instructions for this assignment to gain a clear understanding of expectations. You have also received feedback on your Week Two Final Paper Preparation assignment, so be sure to integrate all suggestions in your Final Paper.

The variety of social problems continues this week as we shift our focus to the impact of social change of rural America. We also examine broader impacts with a focus on global climate change and environmental inequality. This week’s reading reminds us that inequality overlaps with many social problems. The scope of inequality in America can be shocking, especially given that our culture reminds us of so many opportunities (at least in theory) for success. 


Homelessness Student`s Name Institutional Affiliation Homelessness Problem Statement Homeliness refers to a condition whereby people live without a permanent home, house or any form of dwellings. Sociologist have defined homelessness as social problem that is triggered by structural inequalities as well as lack of resources which renders the affected individuals are highly vulnerable. People who are affected by this condition are normally unable to access and acquire regular, secure, safe and adequate housing. Similarly the homelessness problem is attributed to a complex array of social and economic issues that generates situation of tenant`s insecurity, inadequate income, health problems, individual crisis, inadequate affordable housing supply, mental health challenges, addictions, child abuse as well as abject poverty. According to the National Alliance to End Homeliness (NAEH), the state homelessness in America is on the rise with 564,708 people experiencing homelessness as at January 2015. It is justifiable to say that the homelessness problem is perpetrated by the society`s failure to ensure that all people receive adequate funding, systems and support in the events of crisis situations. Thus, homelessness is a social problem as it is caused by structural inequalities and lack of resources, where the less fortunate and the minority groups in the society are more highly susceptible than others. Homelessness as a Social Problem Homelessness qualifies as soci...

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