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Topic: HLS 6080 DF7 Comments: FCD 1 and FCD 2 Summary Assignments

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Topic: HLS 6080 DF7 Comments: FCD 1 and FCD 2 Summary Assignments


Comment on these 2 postings as if you were talking in my voice, do not lose the name above each post. 100 words and 3 sources each. Please separate the sources for each posting:
Anna Swenson:
FCD 1 and FCD 2 Summary Assignments
Many assessments and trainings are created and assessed in anticipation of a catastrophic event happening. The FCD 1 Annex B Risk Management uses continuity of operations to attempt to identify, analyze, and assess risk that could fall upon an agency as a whole (including events, assessments, and probability) while comparing them to a cost/benefit analysis. Risks are mitigated in an attempt to ensure that the essential functions (FCD 1, Annex D), the functions of the government that are considered to be the framework of the continuity plan, are able to be filled by organizations and agencies assisting. FCD 1 Annex K Test, Training, and Exercise (TT&E) Program assesses the department’s capabilities if an emergency were to happen, testing possibilities through training and preparedness. They implement procedures based off of the department as a whole, provide skills to the employees, and create scenarios through tests and exercises to ensure safety in the department and the corresponding agencies and affected (community) members. 
Following the trainings and exercises, evaluations are used such as the FCD 2 Annex C Business Process Analysis Guidance: A method to evaluate all of the elements that are necessarily to fulfill every Mission Essential Function. Ensures that an organization has the right people, supplies, capabilities, and equipment in order to operate during an event. FCD 2 Annex D Business Impact Risk Management and Analysis Guidance assesses risks for MEFs and PMEFs and the processes that support each one through a series of seven steps that identify, gather, and analyze data and then attempt to implement findings to evaluate their processes. 
When there is an activation, there are many protocols already in line for the personnel, accessibility, and safety. FCD 1 Annex E Orders of Succession allows for a clear and concise line that is established for leadership if the current leader is unable to perform their own duties and responsibilities. In the case of a catastrophic event, FCD 1 Annex F Delegations of Authority ensures a response without disruptions, where organizations will pre-establish authority to individuals that are able to make policy determinations and decisions as needed during the event. If these individuals are unable to fulfill their role, devolution of control (FCD 1 Annex L) direction provides assistance on how to identify and transfer the responsibilities to a new individual, providing facilities and a safe environment to continue to support the essential functions. In the case of facilities being inoperable, FCD 1 Annex G Continuity Facilities ensures that there are alternate facilities available. When choosing other facilities it is important to ensure that they can support the entire functions of the agency that will be using it, such as network, size, location, mobility, and accessibility. Being at a remote location, it is crucial to still have communication accessibility for all critical roles in the response, FCD 1 Annex H Continuity Communications ensures that the systems will have full connectivity under all hazards and conditions for critical roles in the response, and FCD 1 Annex I Essential Records Management ensures the availability and accessibility of essential records needed to support the essential functions under. Lastly, FCD 1 Annex J Human Resources ensures that during an event there are individuals that will perform their assigned duties towards implementing and supporting the continuity of operations plan and essential functions. 
Gary Plunkett:
FCD 1 and FCD 2 Summary Assignments
FCD 1 and FCD 2 provide detailed instructions and guidance to Federal departments and agencies utilizing a continuity plan. FCD 1 and FCD 2 supplement the National Continuity Policy Implementation Plan with key objectives to accomplish the task. The appendices give guidance and a detailed overview in each area of the continuity plan staring with FCD 1 Annex A which gives details regarding the requirements for the Continuity Plans and procedure. FCD 1 Annex B Risk Management covers the risk management portion of the plan. Risk management is the tool utilized to successfully identify, analyze, assess and communicate any risk and mitigate or decrease the risk to an acceptable level. Annex B breaks down the principles, process and context of a successful risk management.
FCD 1 Annex C Essential Functions covers the requirements for budgeting and acquisition. FCD 1 Annex D Essential Functions describe the “essential functions” including the MEFs, PMEFs, or the Essential Supporting Activities. Annex D also describes the requirement for the Business Process Analyses (BPAs). FCD 1 Annex E describes the Orders of Succession which is the list of organization positions that identify who is authorized and will assume the leadership role or to simplify Annex E identifies a chain of command. Followed closely by FCD 1 Annex F Delegations of Authority which as stated in the annex to “ensure the orderly and predefined transition of leadership responsibilities” in short Annex E identifies the team with replacements and Annex F list who is up next in the batting order. FCD 1 Annex G, I and J cover the requirements for the Facilities, communications, and the management of essential records. Identify the resources for a facility and have a Memorandum of agreement/understanding (MOA/MOU) which has to be reviewed annually.
FCD 1 Annex J Human Resources describes the need for essential staffing. FCD 1 Annex K Test, Training, and Exercise (TT&E) Program is the method to assess, plan, implement and evaluate the plan which will identify the deficiencies. After identifying any shortfalls during this process it is critical that a corrective action is implemented. FCD 1 Annex L addresses Devolution of Control and Direction. Devolution planning supports overall continuity planning and is the backup plan to the original continuity plan in case of a catastrophe which renders members unavailable or incapable of performing the essential functions of the department or organization. FCD 2 Annex C Business Process Analysis Guidance identifies the nine-step process for conducting a Business Process Analyses (BPA) which was mentioned in FCD 1 Annex D. FCD Annex C also has the required documentation for the BPA.FCD 2 Annex D Business Impact Risk Management and Analysis Guidance defines the seven step process for risk management or a Business Impact Analysis (BIA). As stated FCD 1 and FCD 2 provide detailed instructions and guidance for the National Continuity Policy Implementation Plan and a more in-depth breakdown of the that process.


Response Name: Institution: Course: Date: Anna Swenson The FCD 1 and 2 are crucial for the continuity of the operations (Kirvan, 2016). This is especially the case, as Anna states in her post, when disaster strikes. Using the FCD 1, it is possible to prepare for the risks, communication protocol, tr


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