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Topic: HLS 6080 DF2 Comments: National Continuity Policy

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Topic: HLS 6080 DF2 Comments: National Continuity Policy


Comment on these 2 postings as if you were talking in my voice, do not lose the name above each post. 100 words and 3 sources each:
Megan Martin:
The National Continuity Policy can be described as an inclusive directive that outlines the implementation of operations aimed at the uninterrupted function of our government during a catastrophic event. The primary responsibilities during such an event are referred to as National Essential Functions (NEFs). The eight NEFs are designed to be effective in leading the Nation during the crisis, and include: providing a visible leadership during and after the wake of events, and upholding the Constitution and defending against all enemies, to name a few. This policy also requires appointment of a National Continuity Coordinator, who will be instrumental in the development of a National Continuity Implementation Plan.
The Plan, as it is referred to, is comprised of four chapters and gives a more intricate account of the goals, objectives, specific operations, and directional path for all departments and agencies under the executive branch, each of which are required to create a Continuity of Operations (COOP). Additionally, this document can be used as a guide for all non-Federal entities who wish to create a COOP. The Plan also includes standardized performance measures to ensure consistency among individually created programs, as well as appropriately allocated budgets to sustain operations. The final chapter relies on the coordination, communication, and integration throughout all levels of government and private organizations to ensure a collaborative effort in maintaining a stable Nation.
The COOP will recognize the agency’s Primary Mission Essential Functions (PMEFs), which are those that must be performed to support the NEFs. The goal of a COOP plan is to ensure the agency can maintain these functions during an emergency. The resources must be adequate enough to resume PMEFs within 12 hours after the event and sustainable for up to 30 days. While COOP is a plan at the individual level, Continuity of Government (COG) encompasses all departments and agencies across the executive branch, working in a coordinated fashion to promote NEFs. An even broader approach aims at including the three branches of the Federal Government. While ensuring separation of powers, the judicial, legislative, and executive branches work in unison to preserve government operations during a crisis; this is referred to as Enduring Constitutional Government (ECG). 
Anna Swenson:
The President`s Continuity Planning Policy establishes a policy that is used nationwide in the event of a catastrophic emergency. It outlines the structures and operations that need to take place, established a National Continuity Coordinator, and outlines the National Essential Functions (NEFs) for federal agencies that also serve as guidance to State, local, territorial, and tribal governments. This plan is put in place not only to establish a timely and efficient response for the safety of the citizens, but also to be able to provide a comprehensive plan to rebuild and recover from the event. 
The National Continuity Policy Implementation Plan builds upon the above plan, providing guidance to executive departments so that their Primary Mission Essential Functions that support the 8 NEFs can be properly identified and carried out during an emergency. The plan presents 75 critical actions throughout it`s four chapters that are used to verify the nation`s safety through effectiveness given any circumstance. According to the Plan, the policy uses an `all-hazards` approach with goals of providing leadership, defending the nation, fostering relationships, ensuring readiness, protecting against threats, protecting the economy, and provide critical Federal services. 
A Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) is used within individual organizations at all levels, whether they are within the Federal government branches, state, or local levels - or outside, nongovernmental agencies). The President`s Continuity Planning Policy serves as a guideline and provides guidance towards these agencies creating and establishing their COOPs. Looking on a broader spectrum, Continuity of Government (COG) is within the branches of the government that ensure the NEFs are carried on when an emergency is occurring. In order to have this continuity established, both the policy and the plan would be used to ensure all of the NEFs are able to function properly. When all three branches of the Federal Government are involved in the given emergency, they work in unison to provide operational government functions during a time of crisis, also known as Enduring Constitutional Government (ECG). All three of these are at different levels; however, they are all ensuring the safety of US citizens and its` infrastructure during a catastrophic emergency. 


National Continuity Policy Name: Institution: Course: Date: National Continuity Policy Megan Martin As Megan Martin puts it in her post, the National Continuity Policy is one of the most crucial directives in times of an emergency (Department of Homeland Security, 2016). As the name suggests, the policy is used in times of emergencies to ensure that the country does not experience loss of governance and sovereignty. As the post indica


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