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Topic: HLS 6040: Threat / Vulnerability / Risk Assessment - and Site Selection

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Topic: HLS 6040: Threat / Vulnerability / Risk Assessment - and Site Selection


Final Assignment/Project
• Select a location to conduct a Threat/Vulnerability/Risk Assessment, select either your place of business, or if you’re a full time student, select a location on campus, your topic is due by the end of (Week 2 Attached)
• Turn in your project outline, to include selected location, top 5 critical infrastructure/key resource items, Threat, Vulnerability, and Risk Assessment placeholders, and finally mitigation techniques and recommendation. Outline is due by the end of (Week 4 Attached)
• Conduct a Vulnerability Assessment, using either the “Sample Vulnerability Assessment Template (word doc)” from Week 3, or the “Conducting a Vulnerability Assessment” PowerPoint presentation from the Week 4 lecture material. Please include a Threat Assessment, Vulnerability Assessment and Risk Assessment as well as the MSHARP or CARVER assessment tool in your final project (paper or presentation). Final project is due by the end of (Week8 Attached)


Critical Infrastructure: Vulnerability Analysis and Protection HLS 6040 FINAL PROJECT Name Institution: Northeastern University Date Threat/Vulnerability/Risk Assessment- and site selection The chosen location is the university library, as one of the locations where there are many people at once. The library infrastructure is designed to cater to many students, and this makes the location a target. Additionally, there is a need to safeguard the assets, particularly the information and computer, the intrusion of the computer network may comprise other resources of the university one of the threats that is likely to affect people using the library services is associated with mass casualties, especially when there are shootings nearby. The emergency mitigation plans take into consideration. Hence, the threats, vulnerabilities and risks that can be assessed in Snell library while prioritizing the risks. Critical infrastructure/ key resource items, The critical infrastructure and key resources are crucial to the proper functioning of the library system. Increasingly, public and university libraries in the US have large digital resources. Protecting the key resources improves the safety and security of students and university visitors. Assets in the school are both physical and virtual, but risk, threat and vulnerability assessment have focused on the critical infrastructure identified in America to ensure proper functioning of the society including information technolog...

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