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Topic: HLS 6040 Homeland Security-Critical Infrastructure: Vulnerability Analysis and Protection

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Topic: HLS 6040 Homeland Security-Critical Infrastructure: Vulnerability Analysis and Protection



 This assessment is a detailed study and analysis of Hollywood and Highland Center, its

structures, physical features, environment, operating procedures, and internal controls.


 This assessment is designed to assist management in evaluating the adequacy of existing asset and personnel protection efforts and to develop any necessary recommendations for correcting security deficiencies.

 Description of area:

 The Hollywood and Highland Center is a CIM Group owned facility SELECTED SIZE in size located in the City of Los Angeles, a city of over 3.89 million.  The Facility is has no set perimeter with public sidewalks and streets running directly through the property. The 5 floors of the Hollywood and Highland Center have various levels of physical security and access control depending on their contents and purpose.

 Number and type of facilities: 5 Floors (any serving multiple purposes)

 640,000 square feet

70 stores

25 restaurants

65,000 square feet of gathering spaces

637 room hotel

Underground Metro rail station (Red Line, 137,000 riders daily)

3,000 spot parking garage

 Average hourly number of visitors at Hollywood and Highland:

 5,000 (25 million annually)

  • Law Enforcement Jurisdiction:

Los Angeles Police Department have primary jurisdiction and routinely respond to calls on the property. Los Angeles County Sheriff maintains a presence as well, manning the metro station

  • Security Personnel (unarmed, and BID contractors) also patrol the area and deal with less serious calls
  • Response:

LAPD are available to respond 24 hours a day as needed. Los Angeles Fire Department Station 27 responds within 5 minutes.  

  • Facilities and activities adjacent to Hollywood and Highland Center

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is adjacent to Hollywood and Highland Center. The Walk of Fame borders the Hollywood and Highland center on the East and South edges.  This area attracts a large number of tourists yearround. (See map encl 1)

Threat Assessment:

  • Attached (see encl 2) (You will get this from your local intelligence office)

Problems in the Last 12 Months: None noted (Describe in detail) Vulnerabilities:

1 . The street corner of Hollywood and Highland has a large number of transients, panhandlers, and street performers who often become aggressive.

2.  Due to the proximity of the 101 Freeway and the high traffic of Hollywood Blvd and Highland Ave, gridlock can occur, slowing emergency response times

3. The center is mostly open air with multiple large entryways.  Visitors are free to come and go unimpeded

4. The Metro rail station is underground and has few exits

5. Special events such as premiers and awards shows, including the Academy Awards,  attract very high numbers of spectators and are a strain on police and security resources

6.  Such special events are also highly televised and





Good security practices::


  • Loew’s Hotel, Hollywood and Highland Center has an evacuation plan that is in every guest room.
  • LAPD patrols in a random fashion and their schedule is not published.
  • Response times by SECURITY/LAPDLA County Sheriff, BID Patrol, and LAFD are good.
  • All staff members are issued radios that they carry with them.
  • The Metro rail station and the center as a whole has security cameras watched 24/7





Recommend that Hollywood and Highland Center maintain operations as they are.  Continue awards and premiers with increased security measures. Follow procedures to ensure safety of center during day-to-day operations and special events.





  • Have all part time employees attend an awareness training brief.


  • Ensure every employee knows what to do if a situation arises, (who to contact and what procedures to follow to inform the patrons.)


  • Place a notification sheet near elevators in center, in every room and at all public facilities to inform patrons who to contact in case of emergency.


  • Place a sign at the front entrance informing guest to report to registration upon entering hotel.


  • Place courtesy phones for center information, as well as emergency calls, around center.


  • Randomly have the police spot check vehicles entering HOLLYWOOD AND HIGHLAND CENTER as well as spot checking patrons within HOLLYWOOD AND HIGHLAND CENTER during special events, such as the Academy Awards


  • Employ explosive sniffing canines, barricades, and other increased security measures during special events


  • Set up a system to inform HOLLYWOOD AND HIGHLAND CENTER when and what type of delivery will be arriving.


  • Designate a location for all deliveries to report upon entering HOLLYWOOD AND HIGHLAND CENTER.


  • Have all deliveries randomly checked by security in a specified location away from personnel and facilities.


  • Conduct a local police check on all new hires and summer hires.


  • Have SECURITY randomly check perimeter of HOLLYWOOD AND HIGHLAND CENTER.


  • Monitor traffic situation on Hollywood Blvd and Highland Ave to coordinate with emergency for quicker responses


  • Monitor special events in the surrounding areas which may cause increases in vehicle or foot traffic


Homeland Security-Critical Infrastructure: Vulnerability Analysis and Protection HLS 6040 WEEK 3 COMMENTS Name: Northeastern University The Oak Grave station allows those who have paid a small fee to gain access, but other people can bypass the gates. At the mom


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