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Topic: HLS 6040 DF5 Comments: Internet and Network Systems

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Topic: HLS 6040 DF5 Comments: Internet and Network Systems


Please comment on each post minimum 100 word each and 3 sources each:
John DuBeau 
Cyber Infrastructure
Cyber infrastructure can certainly be protected using the same systems and assessments as we have used for physical infrastructure like water or electric. Each type of infrastructure has their own set of risks and mitigation techniques and one can say that cyber infrastructure is the most important to protect. The cyber world is generally used to control everything we do today. We use the Internet and mobile applications to control a huge part of our lives. Everything from our home thermostats to our banking is done through our phones and Internet connection and many would be lost without it. 
Many large banks and corporations hire IT personnel to conduct cyber security assessments and to point out weaknesses in their systems to ensure that their data is not compromised. A risk assessment would include how their network was installed and working, where their servers could be accessed from, the levels of security used for each type of data and who is in charge of each level of access and providing access for employees. 
Many do not realize how important cyber security is to us on a day to day basis. It controls everything from traffic lights and air traffic control to banking and finances. Everything has their own level of security and their own types of threats. Conducting risk assessments in house and hiring an outside agency to test how strong a network or cyber infrastructure is will be necessary. Using the same techniques we have used throughout this course such as targeting vulnerabilities, creating mitigation techniques, assessing weaknesses and establishing policies and procedures will keep cyber infrastructure strong and will enable them to better defend themselves against threats.


HLS 6040 DF5 COMMENTS Student`s Name: Professor`s Name: Course Title: Date: Comments on John DuBeau`s Discussion Selected Location: Queens, New York. Critical Infrastructure/Key Resource Items: Internet and network systems, mobile systems and applications, banks and corporations, traffic lighting systems, and air traffic control systems (Kumar, Srivastava, & Lazarevic, 2005). Threat: Data theft in case of banks and corporations; unauthorized access to critical network servers used for traffic lights and air traffic control syste


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