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Topic: History Writing: Man-made Stumps and Stubbled Field

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Topic: History Writing: Man-made Stumps and Stubbled Field


Read articles and answer the following questions.
1. Examine the two prominent man-made stumps and the stubbled field behind them in Cole`s painting. Is the landscape scarred or improved? Do the remains represent a decline from nature`s original perfection or the mark of human progress?
2. How would you describe the tone in which Cole used terms such as “improvements” and “civilization” in his essay? Did he think that taste and imagination (art) will ultimately win out against modern improvements, or did he think the days of wilderness are numbered?
3. How were Indians the tools as well as the models for Catlin`s artistic quest? What was Catlin`s purpose in portraying these “last” Indians?
4. What was Catlin hoping to accomplish in this visual and written portrait of Wi-jun-jon? How might white and Indian viewers have attributed different meanings to this portrayal?
5. Using this traveler`s guide, reconstruct the racial foundations for the doctrine of “manifest destiny.” How were these ideas similar to or different from the types of racial thinking expressed at other times in early American history, such as European colonization, the defense of slavery, or the removal of Indians?
6. How does Hasting`s description of Mexicans compare with Prescott`s depiction of the Aztecs prior to Spanish conquest?
7. Analyze how Twain discusses humor: What was such a “laughter-compeller” about the minstrel show? Who was in the joke, and whose expense?
8. What does Twain`s description of a minstrel show reveal about the cultural and political appeal of this entertainment form?


Student: Professor: Course title: Date: Introduction The Notch of the White Mountains was an artistic work that came about as result of contribution by different artists. One of the artists Thomas Cole is credited for coming up with a painting whose meaning has been deciphered differently by different audience. There are several aspects and elements that Cole as an artist put into consideration when came up with this piece of art. This discussion takes an analytical look at the painting with an aim of seeking to open up the mind of Thomas Cole. Man-made Stumps and Stubbled Field One of the peculiar elements in Thomas` Cole painting of the Notch of the White Mountains is tow man-made stumps. Stumps are always an ind


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