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Topic: Healthcare Informatics: Project Management Assignment

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Topic: Healthcare Informatics: Project Management Assignment


Today`s healthcare environment is comprised of teams of professionals working toward common goals. When the organization sets a goal, there is generally a project to launch and support the goal to its completion. Health informatics professionals are participants and leaders in projects involving the implementation of new technologies or in the training and maintenance that will take place after the technologies are in place. A project such as the adoption of an electronic health record (EHR) across a healthcare system takes significant planning, strong leadership, and the ability to manage change in the environment. Informatics professionals need to be skilled in all of the aspects of project management, including its evaluation and ongoing revisions, as the organization grows into everyday usage of the new technologies.
For this task, you will read the attached “EHR Project Management Team.”
Note: Responses to the tasks listed should be completed in an essay format (suggested length of 5–6 pages), with descriptions given to clarify conceptual understanding.


Electronic Health Records Name Institution of Affiliation Date Electronic Health Records For several years, healthcare stakeholders have tried to improve the efficiency of the health care systems. One of the areas they have focused is the information sector, a field that has undergone significant transformations in the present era. One of the changes that have been adopted is the electronic health records (EHR). The EHR software enables storage and retrieval of patients care information for use by physicians or by the patient (Gartee, 2012). The electronic data is readily available; thus, enabling clinicians to give safe and more effective decisions concerning patient`s health. Besides, the EHR helps hospices screen, expand and report fitness information especially on safety and quality. Hence, the study moves focusing on the challenges facing adoption of this technique and how they can be solved. Vendor selection process One of the major hindrances health care organizations face in the adoption of EHR is the uncertainty of returns from the investments. Though there could be enough resources to invest in EHR, care providers are less likely to back the initiative without understanding the possible return on investment. Hence, for healthcare stakeholders to grip EHR adoption, assurance must be presented showing that the system would be profitable to the organization. Cost-benefit analysis is the best methodology to solve this problem. The approach makes an ...

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