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Topic: Health Policy Change: IOM Future of Nursing Research

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Topic: Health Policy Change: IOM Future of Nursing Research


The IOM Future of Nursing report calls for an increase in leadership from nurses at all levels. One way nurses demonstrate their role as a leader, is through public policy change. A leader does not always carry an official title or position, but demonstrates leadership through the work and the stance the leader takes to make a change for the good of others. Nurses have been noted by the Gallop poll year after year as the most trusted professionals.
This assignment requires thought about a public policy that is needed or needs to be changed that relates to nursing, health care, or the public. Policy changes can occur by working with members of your legislature, and state or national nurses associations, to introduce a new bill and/or change to a current law in your state or federal government.
Examples of public policy includes any component of the current legislation governing health care, Medicare Part D, Medicaid, nursing regulation, medication technicians, etc.
In 750-1,000 words, propose a health policy change (that is currently a bill, a law, or may not exist at all) at the state or federal level that you believe needs to change and why.
The policy must not be a clinical care policy for individual care. The policy involved may include public or community health, legislative or regulatory, professional organization (nursing-oriented), advanced nursing practice, health plan, or hospital plan.
Include a specific section for the exact wording for the bill or change in wording of the law.
Include the plan for the implementation of your policy development, to lobbying for passage, to next steps after passage.
Discuss who would be the champion for the bill/law change from your state advocates (legislators, federal legislators, local or national state nursing organizations). Are these individuals also influential in making changes occur? Did you vote for the individual in office that you want to help you make this change?
Review different pieces of legislation for ideas on wording.
Visit your state’s legislative governmental affairs website site to understand the process your policy change could take if you wanted to introduce to into legislation. (PLEASE USE STATE OF NEW JERSEY)


IOM FUTURE OF NURSING Name: Institutional Affiliation: IOM Future of Nursing Introduction Change is an element considered as inevitable, one of the aspects in life that can be banked. In healthcare, change remains essential since new legislations, policy reforms, technologies, and the changing standards in the process of care. These approaches are directed towards improving and enhancing the process of patient care, an aspect that boils down to the inclusion of nurses as change agents. Being change agents requires nurses to incorporate leadership roles in initiating policies that address some of the challenges they encounter in care. As agents of change, nurses facilitate effective approaches of brining positive change in care, a role that is vital in incorporating improvements in health care. This paper therefore seeks to establish a health policy change at the state and federal level that needs to be changed. Health Policy Change The nursing profession has a grown role in the development of health policies since nurses are perceived as leaders in advocacy for health policy, research process, analysis, policy development, implementation and evaluation (Gabe & Ann, 2013). In the process of care, patient centered care has resulted into a new phase for nursing practitioners. Much focus has significantly been


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