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Topic: Group Design Part 3: Managing Problem Situations in Group Counseling Sessions

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Topic: Group Design Part 3: Managing Problem Situations in Group Counseling Sessions


instructions are added this is a narrative paper of paper one and two which you did both papers for me paper one I have added the graded paper. this paper should include my three choices which are sexual abuse, Religious preferences, and Use of illegal drugs these three are realistic to my group type.you are to develop a plan for how you will start the transition of ending your group 00043437 is the first paper and 00043587 is the second part the instructions are on the first three pages.
the brochure is ok I had the instructions a little wrong the instructions say in narrative form present the first two group and a group person say she do not want to be in group how would you as the group leaderadress this and the three issues were for me sexual abuse, religious preferences and use of illegal drugs 500 words the writer gave me the 10 questions and they are good one but he was not supposed to give me the defamission meaning telling me what they were and that is where he put my 500 words
rder 00043844 that you have on hold cannot be done until 00043587 is finish


Group Design Part 3 Managing Problem Situations in Group Counseling Sessions Dorris Williams August 22, 2016 Initial and Screening stages Before our group counseling session started, I and my co-leader choose eight individuals with varied experiences, age, and socioeconomic status. I did this in a strategic manner that would result in a more efficient learning experience than conflict and regression. Also, these individuals that were present in my counseling session have their ideas, beliefs, and other sensitive information taken into consideration in order to achieve the same purpose. The members of my group, their demographics, and presenting problems are as follows: 1 Martha – 19 years old; African-American freelance writer; ongoing cocaine abuse, persistent relationship problems 2 Jacob – 24 years old; Canadian hockey-player; relapse prevention, career problems 3 Mendeleev - 29 years old; musician from Manhattan; relapse prevention 4 Jessica – 32 years old, seamstress; relapse prevention, ongoing marriage problem 5 Juan – 38 years old; bar waiter from Chile; ongoing alcohol abuse, work problems 6 Mike – 42 years old; truck driver, father of five kids, and a devoted protestant; relapse prevention 7 Belle – 51 years old; grandmother of two, widowed; relapse prevention for alcohol abuse 8 Jericho – 59 y...

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