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Topic: Final Project Assignment: Charles Manson (Criminal Justice)

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Topic: Final Project Assignment: Charles Manson (Criminal Justice)


Final Project

Analysis of an Offender (15–21 pages)

As a criminal justice professional, you will likely deal with offenders on a daily basis. Understanding the causes of criminal behavior is essential to learning how to handle offenders, how offenders are most effectively rehabilitated, and how to protect society from criminals. All too often, however, theoretical explanations for criminal behavior are never applied to criminal behavior in real-life situations. The Final Project in this class is designed for you to apply what you have learned about in this class about the causes of criminal behavior to a real-life criminal.

You are responsible for selecting one specific criminal. You must be able to research and track down detailed information about this specific criminal. Be sure that there is enough information surrounding his or her:

  • Upbringing
  • Behavior over the course of a lifetime
  • Social relationships
  • Specific details pertaining to criminal offending patterns

Once you locate an offender who you wish to research, you will need to create an analysis of the offender that takes into consideration the following:

Detailed Overview (2 pages)

  • Provide a detailed overview of the offender, and his or her life and crimes.
  • Discuss the nature of the offender’s crimes.
  • Explain how his or her criminal offending is consistent or inconsistent with what is known about the nature of criminal behavior.

Causes of Crime (8 pages)

  • This section of the paper is the most important and should contain a sufficient amount of detail pertaining to all of the potential causes of crime based on what is known about the offender.
  • Discuss the potential social and environmental causes of the offender’s behavior.
  • Discuss the potential psychological causes of the offender’s behavior.
  • Discuss the potential biological and genetic causes of the offender’s behavior.


Charles Manson Name: Institution: Course: Date: Overview Human behavior is one that is filled with intrigue and is a constant wonder. This would explain the level of intensity and interest that has gone into studying the human behavior over the centuries. Some of the earlier methods of achieving this goal could have been considered inhumane. However, much of the studies in the earlier years were conducted with very limited information on human behavior and thus most of the approaches took on trial and error methods, some of which were plainly gruesome. Of the many studies that have been conducted on human behavior, much of the interest had been sparked by the deviant behaviors with the humans in the society (Hegger, 2016). This is relative to the fact that there were those behaviors that would have been considered to be out of the norm even in the earlier societies. One of the aspects that still drives most of the research when it comes to human behavior deviance. Some of the people have the ability to commit some of the most horrendous acts and still act and live a normal life. Criminal behavior is one of the most studies human aspects relative to the potential that humans have shown over the centuries for evil and at the same time good deeds. This further raises the question why some of the people are inherently criminal, while others have a rather humane character. The main debate that still lingers on the human behavior is between nature and nurture. There are ...

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