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Topic: Final Project Annotations: Juvenile Incarceration In USA

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Topic: Final Project Annotations: Juvenile Incarceration In USA


Final Project: Annotations

In Week 4, you submitted two annotated articles and your Instructor provided you with feedback. The assignment this week requires you to incorporate the feedback provided by your instructor and submit two additional annotations. Follow the same steps for the Final Project Assignment from Week 4. Submit the completed annotations to your Instructor. You should be submitting four annotations, including the original two from Week 4, incorporating Instructor feedback, and two newly annotated articles. Completing this next step advances your progress toward completing the Final Project.

Final Project: Annotations, due by Day 7

  • Use the Walden library to search for articles related to the criminal justice issue you selected for your Final Project.
  • Select one article in support of your issue and one article in opposition to your issue. These articles must be different from the two you selected in Week 4.
  • Create an annotation for each article you selected.
  • Incorporate Instructor feedback and revise the annotations from Week 4.

Learning Resources


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  • Article: Gaudio, C. M. (2010). A call to congress to give back the future: End the "war on drugs" and encourage states to reconstruct the juvenile justice system. Family Court Review, 48(1), 212–2 27. 
    Copyright 2010 by BLACKWELL PUBLISHING. Reprinted by permission of BLACKWELL PUBLISHING via the Copyright Clearance Center.
  • Article: Hsia, H. M., & Beyer, M. (2000). System change through state challenge activities: Approaches and products. Juvenile Justice Bulletin. Retrieved from: https://www.ncjrs.gov/html/ojjdp/jjbul2000_03_3/contents.html

  • Article: Jennings, W. G., Gibson, C., & Lanza-Kaduce, L. (2009). Why not let kids be kids? An exploratory analysis of the relationship between alternative rationales for managing status offending and youths` self-concepts. American Journal of Criminal Justice34(3), 198–212. 
    Copyright 2009 by SPRINGER-VERLAG NEW YORK INC. Reprinted by permission of SPRINGER-VERLAG NEW YORK INC. via the Copyright Clearance Center.









Juvenile Incarceration In USA

In the previous weeks, I have been doing in-depth research on issues surrounding youth incarceration in the USA. I have submitted an annotated bibliography on my topic and this article be a continuation of the annotations required for the final project. My previous annotated bibliography feedback was excellent and here below are additional annotations which support my argument. The annotations are articulated to my topic albeit inclined towards finding a better solution to youth incarceration in the US through reducing juvenile recidivism and crime rate.

Piquero, A. R., & Steinberg, L. (2010). Public Preferences for Rehabilitation Versus Incarceration Of Juvenile Offenders.


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