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Topic: Experience Real World Negotiation: My Negotiation Skills

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Topic: Experience Real World Negotiation: My Negotiation Skills


Real World Negotiation To encourage you to think about the many, everyday opportunities to negotiate, and to improve your negotiating skills, you need to go out and negotiate in the real world. You can negotiate for anything you like – a hotel bill, a signing bonus, a piece of jewelry, who will clean the bathroom or do the dishes, who gets the bigger room in the apartment…anything at all. Please note that you do not have to buy anything to complete this assignment. On the contrary, you may be on the selling side in the negotiation, or your negotiation may not involve a purchase at all. There are only two rules for the real world negotiation assignment. 1. You may not tell the person you are negotiating with that this is for a class project until the negotiation is completed (and then you can decide whether or not you want to tell). You are not allowed to resort to a plea of “Please help me out for a class.” 2. You are not allowed to engage in a negotiation that you do not intend to follow through with if the outcome you desire is obtained. For example, you must be willing (at some price, under some conditions) to acquire the item for which you are negotiating. Do not start a negotiation in which you would never want to come to agreement. After you finish negotiating, you will write an analysis of the negotiation. Your paper should contain a description of what happened and what the outcome was. However, exemplary papers will do more than simply recount the details of the interaction. They will also discuss preparation and strategy and will critically analyze what happened and why. You should try and include all relevant strategic elements of the negotiation (e.g., issues, interests, priorities, BATNAs, aspirations, outside parties, constraints, etc.) in your paper. You`ll want to integrate concepts from the readings and class discussions, as well as offer your insights and lessons-learned. You will not be penalized for writing about a failed negotiation – we can learn as much from negotiations that fail as we can from those that succeed! the real world negotiation paper will be based on the following criteria: • Creativity. How unique was the context? How creative was your strategy? How did you meet expected and unexpected challenges? • Quality. Is it well written? • Analysis. Have you correctly employed key concepts to assess the strategic landscape of the negotiation? How well have you applied your learning from the course to your analysis of this case? • Self-Reflection. Have you linked your experiences with your goals for the course, your strengths and weaknesses? What have you learned about your negotiating style and skills from this negotiation experience? What would you do differently in the future? attachments included....slides have info on negotiation taken place during class (ususlly the beginning couple of slides includes names), please disregard its unusefulness and focus on the main concepts of negotiation within the slides.


Real World Negotiation Student`s Name Professor`s Name Course University Date Analysis of the negotiation In an attempt to experience the real world negotiation and enhance my negotiation skills, I decided to go to a car dealership that sells used cars and negotiate for a car. I wanted to negotiate for either small or midsize SUV, but I preferred a small size SUV because of its cost savings and fuel efficiency benefits. Small size SUV are also priced numerous dollars below their midsize SUV counterparts. Furthermore, the small size SUV boast of 20 percent boost in gas mileage over a mid size SUV. I had budgeted to spend only $10,000.00 for the car and a maximum of $12,500.00. When I reached at the car dealership, I met Paul, the sale representative who offered me a nice reception. He then gave me a catalogue that listed all the cars that were on sale; fortunately, the car that I preferred, small size SUV was present in the catalogue, but the midsize SUV was out of stock. After finishing going through the catalogue, Paul asked the type of vehicle that I was interested in. I then replied that I wanted a small size SUV. Paul drilled down to the features that the car should have,


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