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Topic: EP1-SOCI-3336 Assignment: Societal and Personal Problems

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Topic: EP1-SOCI-3336 Assignment: Societal and Personal Problems


Please read the 8 chapters I have studied (in attachments) and Using current information from news articles write, double-spaced, APA style paper on subjects covered in Chapters 1-8 of the text (same attachment as above). You may include personal experience/knowledge but be sure to cite any articles you use, again using APA style. You can use one source per chapter.

Chapter 1: Understanding social Problems

Personal Versus Social Problems

  • Causes, consequences, and coping are all key components for dealing with problems, whether those problems are personal or social.  At either level they seek to address the fundamental questions of why and how we should respond.
  • A crucial point is this: We must be alert to the potential confusion of social problems with personal problems in order to deal more effectively with either or both.  This section deals with such confusion through related causes, consequences, and coping efforts, with particular reference to the functions of attitudes, communication, and power structure.

A Model for Understanding

1  The authors define a social problem as a condition or pattern of behavior that (1) contradicts some other condition or pattern of behavior and is defined as incompatible with the desired quality of life; (2) is caused, facilitated, or prolonged by factors that operate at multiple levels of social life; (3) involves intergroup conflict; and (4) requires social actions to be resolved.

2   They use the major insights of structural-functionalism, conflict theory, and symbolic interactionism to construct a model of mutual influence between structural, social psychological, and social interactional factors. 

3  These factors are used to explain how problems affect the quality of life, how problems are manifested at multiple levels of social life, and why problems require social action for their resolution.


Societal and Personal Problems Name: Instructor: Date: Societal and Personal Problems Chapter 1. Understanding Social and Personal Problems Societies have problems that affect their people. Experts define them as patterns of life that are opposite to practices and expectations of the existing population. These troubles are not easy to classify as personal or social without understanding (Marc, 2013). If people will have such understanding they will have ideas of solving them. This paper explains different problems in society, whether social or personal, their causes and the ways of dealing with them. Major reason why social problems would require the participation of the public is because the results stir social conflicts. The structures of conflict theory and interactions assist to construct a model of influence andillustrate how social problems affect the quality of life. In doing so, the society should learn to recognize the fallacies of thinking, without which people will appear as mythmakers(Marc, 2013). These fallacies include dramatic instance, retrospective determinism, misplaced concreteness, personal attack, appeal to prejudice, circular reasoning, authority, composition, and non-sequitur. To grasp the facts from myths, accurate gauging ofconcluded research bysocial scientists will be of help.The research should answer the questions asked and coming up with consistent results each time they are tried. Chapter 2: Alcohol ...

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