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Topic: Discussion Paper on Themes in The Rocking Horse Winner

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Topic: Discussion Paper on Themes in The Rocking Horse Winner


Compose a critical analysis essay on one of the topics below. Your essay should be well developed, unified, coherent, and grammatically correct. Refer to the Grading Criteria for MCC English Classes in the First Day Handout for this course. Required length: Approximately 2 pgs
Create a thesis statement, and back up your claim with support/evidence from the text. Support should contain clear, specific examples from the story or stories you are analyzing, as well as documentation for all text references. Include at least one quotation from the story in each body paragraph of your essay, for a total of 4 quotations from the story/poem. 
Follow MLA format: Use size 12, Times New Roman font and 1-inch margins; double space.
Include a Work Cited page. It is not included in the two-page length requirement; it should appear on a separate page at the end of your paper.
There are other topics to choose from. You can pick another one if you would like. Here they are:
1. Analyze a character in “A Rose for Emily” or “The Rocking Horse Winner” and show how he or she is a dynamic, round, flat, or static character by examining his or her development over the course of the story. 
2. Analyze the mother’s role as the antagonist in “The Rocking Horse Winner.” 
3. Discuss one or more themes in “The Rocking Horse Winner.” Explain what makes this story universal to readers.
4. Analyze the elements of foreshadowing that Faulkner uses in “A Rose for Emily” to create suspense and to give readers clues about how the story will end; consider the characters’ and narrator’s words and actions as well as elements of the setting.
5. Discuss how Plath uses allusions to reveal the type of relationship the father and daughter have and how that has affected her later in life. 
6. Compare or/and Contrast the two poems “My Papa’s Waltz” and “Daddy.” 


The Rocking-Horse Winner Name: Institution: Course: Date: Introduction The rocking horse winner is one of the most intriguing short stories that were written by D.H. Lawrence. This is a story that was first published in the year 1926 as part of the Harper`s Bazaar. One of the basic elements about the story, is the fact that it is a reflection of quite a number of families across the cultural divide and even at the global scale (Lawrence, 2016). As such, as it is a story that most of the readers can associate with or have a basic recollection of a theme that runs with experiences they have had in the past, whether in their lives or in the lives of others. There are quite a number of themes that can be found in the book relative to the main views expressed by


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