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Topic: Disability Advocate Assignment Paper: Advocating for Autism

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Topic: Disability Advocate Assignment Paper: Advocating for Autism


2. How to become an Advocate
If you have a particular disability in mind, the first step is to make contact with someone who organizes volunteers for your particular cause. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use an Internet search engine to locate a group.
For example, if you want to be an advocate for the Lupus Foundation you can visit their website and click on their "Get Involved" tab. Other foundations have similar ways to make contact, such as having "Volunteer" links on the main pages of their website. Alternatively, websites such as AbililtyHub.com provide lists of links to various disability organizations worldwide.
3. Make your plan
You need to write a 5-8 page paper identifying what aspect of disability advocacy you are interested in, and your personal plan to make a difference.
Part 1 -Introduction (1-2 pages)
Identify the topic and write about how it impacts you as an individual, your family, your friends or your community.
Part 2 - Current Status (1–2 pages)
Research and report on advocacy activities that are all already occurring to raise awareness of this issue. Write about the research that is happening and the awareness activities that are happening both globally and locally. How have these research activities and awareness activities changed over the years?
Part 3 -Personal Plan (2 pages)
Identify what activities you would like to participate in, and why you chose those specific activities. What has drawn you to these activities and how do you expect it to change your personal beliefs (or how has it changed you if you have already done of these activities) about individuals with disabilities? What societal change do you think you can make by participating?
Part 4- Ideas for the future (1-2 pages)
In your opinion, what else can be done? What other advocacy can and should be done in this area?
What does society as a whole need to do to make this better for people?


Name Course Instructor Date Advocating for Autism One of the significant disabilities in the U.S. is autism. Bestowing the centers for disease control and Prevention (CDC) data, one in sixty-eight children is having autism, as per 2016 statistics. Moreover, the proportion differs with gender, for instance, one in every forty-two boys has autism compared to girls where one in one hundred and eighty-nine has the condition. Compared to 2012 estimates, the proportion has risen by 30%. Thus, demonstrating autism as a modern malady, that is increasing in American population at a higher rate. There have been debatable questions regarding the disability and its diagnosis. Debates ranging from possible causes, for example, is it genetically transmitted at maternal age to the incapability of diagnosing the condition. Improved awareness has prompted parents to have their kids assessed. Thus, the need to emphasize on the disability especially its causes, diagnosis, impacts on society and treatment. I had a neighbor who had autism. At that time I didn`t comprehend autism. Though the kid behaved abnormally, I couldn`t think he was sick. Most of the time, we teased him. This was due to his behaviors. Kim, the autistic child, had challenges in social interaction and communication. For instance,


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