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Topic: Description Narration Assignment: Educational Upbringing

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Topic: Description Narration Assignment: Educational Upbringing


1. Please construct a narrative essay that responds to the following prompt:
Identify and explore an important thematic statement based on a thorough and detailed description of your educational upbringing.
*Feel free to focus in on any grade level, including your time in college.
*Provide a clear context: who, what, when, and where. Provide a vivid description of the people and environments that are involved in your narration. Bring them to life so that the reader can accurately and emotionally connect to what you are writing about.
*Provide a clear emotional resonance. It`s one thing to literally state events that occurred, but what the reader needs to know is what these events meant/mean to you on an emotional, psychological, and otherwise-related level. In our web-conference this week I will say more about the important back-and-forth that occurs in narrative writing between describing the actual events and people and then pulling back to explain what these events and people really mean to you, and/or why they are important, and/or why you are sentimental toward them, and importantly, in what ways they reinforce the thematic statement that you have initially identified.
2. This narrative needs to be minimum of four pages (with writing well onto the fourth page, not barely).


Educational upbringing Name: Instructor: Date: Educational Upbringing Secondary school is the point when someone realizes the need to study. A student wakes up to several interests, ambitions, and future journeys. At such a time, the need to be that best doctor, wizard engineer, intelligent accountant or the dangerous computer expert dawns. One gets confused on what best they could study. A stampede of thoughts scramble in for attention and conjures a lot of research and consultations from people who appear to know a lot. Their pieces of advice are full of encouragements and discouragements in equal measure. These people unfortunately leave them more desperate for information than when they visited. I am one person who went through this, and the reflections when linked to where I am now leave me nostalgic. As soon as I joined the secondary level, I wanted to become a journalist. There is this crazy man I watched on TV, doing investigative pieces and coming up with stories people could not imagine. John Krieger was his name. I would miss important programs in other channels but watch his repo


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