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Topic: Describe International Communication and Negotiation

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Topic: Describe International Communication and Negotiation


Application: Negotiation
Individuals in contemporary international and virtual organizations encounter the unique challenges of communicating using media that are not as rich as face-to-face interactions, and communicating across cultural divides where the meanings assigned to words, phrases, and non-verbal elements may differ. These challenges are especially important to address during high-stake situations such as negotiations.
There are multiple examples of cross-cultural negotiations where a lack of cultural understanding contributed to a negative outcome. These situations might have involved seemingly simple non-verbal gestures that were considered offensive by another culture, or more blatant differences in negotiation and business protocols.
This same lack of cultural understanding can contribute to other communication problems within organizations and between organizations. And, while in-person communication can aid in reducing misunderstandings, not all aspects of negotiations and other organizational interactions can occur in a face-to-face setting. Some interactions must involve the use of technology, so making sure that the technology medium matches the nature and intent of communication becomes critical.
In this Application Assignment, you will examine cultural differences that may impact the negotiation behaviors of individuals from two specific nations. You will also explore how technological factors might affect negotiations.
To prepare for this assignment:
• Review the Learning Resources for this week. 
• Consider how technology affects communication in contemporary international and virtual organizations.
• Think about how challenges unique to cross-cultural interactions affect communication in contemporary international and virtual organizations.
• Imagine that you have an opportunity to consult with a team comprised of Koreans and Swedes involved in negotiation. Consider the various situations presented in the Learning Resources thus far in the course, as well as your own experiences, as you envision the circumstances and complexities of a potential negotiation scenario.
• Visit the Global Edge Web site for information regarding Korea and Sweden (specifically information about aspects of each culture that may impact negotiation behaviors).
The assignment (2–3 pages):
• Describe a potential negotiation scenario (e.g., the Swedes wish to contract with some factories in Korea in a specific industry). 
• Explain what advice you would give to a team comprised of Koreans and Swedes to prepare them for negotiating a contract. Focus specifically on aspects of each culture that might influence negotiation behaviors, as well as the technological factors they should keep in mind


International Negotiations Name Institution International Communication and Negotiation Communication is usually the basis of negotiations for international trading. However, it is usually coupled by challenges like language barriers and different cultures among different nations. These challenges usually affect the free flow of information among different traders due to the use of interpreters. This usually leads to distortion of information and delays as it takes more time to effectively communicate. This paper aims at presenting a discussion on a potential negotiation scenario between Swedes and Koreans and the advice to give to the team in preparing for a contract negotiation. This will entail cultural and technological factors of each team that may influence their negotiation behaviours positively or negatively. International trade is highly perpetuated by the availability of MNCs. These have increased trading interactions with many


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