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Topic: D Project Assginment: What are Your Long Standing Hobbies?

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Topic: D Project Assginment: What are Your Long Standing Hobbies?


this is a personal essay and it must answer these questions, using the answers i have provided 
Your long-term passions, interests or hobbies
long term passions are business and entrepreneurship, reading about philosophical issues, drawing, 
What do you know a lot about? What you are curious about, and what would like to know more about?
i don`t think i have a sufficient grasp on anything but i like to think i understand the enterprising markets well. i am curious of the future what possibilities could be realized now in the near future or what need more time to develop. 
What are your long standing hobbies? What new hobbies or activities do you like? What hobbies have you outgrown or perhaps not have time to practice now? Upon reflection, what do all of these mean to you now? my long standing hobbies were to read nonfictions books but i don`t know if i have grown apart or my life has gotten so busy that i don`t have time to read anymore 
Your long-term aspirations
to be self sufficient, its not that i don`t have goals but i want to forge my own path, and i want to be able to change my aspiration abased on the experiences i have throughout my life
Where do you imagine yourself being in 5 years, in 10 years, in 20 years?
hopefully doing something that is fulfilling and satisfying, something that i would not want to retire from. 
Your academic interests and experience
What was your best academic experience and why? What was your worst academic experience and why? What could have been done differently to make the bad experience better?
best experience was my bds studio, because i was challenged to do more to work with others to explore new options. the worst experience was my first studio, because rather then doing something that i wanted, that was my own idea i ended up doing what the instructor wanted fulfilling their aspirations rather then mine, i did not learn anything other than how to give up on my idea. i don`t want to be put in a position that disregards all of my thought with our regard to its merit. constructive criticism is one of the greatest tools a designer has, it is one of the hardest to dispense 

• Your likes and dislikes

o What do you love, what really bugs the crap out of you? Why? Is there anything you could do to change the thing you dislike?

• Finally, do any of your your personal interests overlap with your academic interests? How? 

please make an essay out of my response in regards to these questions


Name Lecturer Personal essay Date Personal essay When asked about my hobbies and interests I find it hard because I do not have a sufficient grasp on anything, but I think I clearly understand the enterprising market well. I am cu


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