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Topic: Current Item M2D2: Ethical Issues in the Social Sciences

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Topic: Current Item M2D2: Ethical Issues in the Social Sciences


The social sciences (sociology, economics, political science and psychology) are disciplines from which we may view individuals and societies in a variety of contexts. Within these disciplines are people working on issues of social responsibility, justice, and fair, equitable treatment of everyone. Over the past decade, professional ethics in these disciplines has informed requirements for ethical treatment of research subjects during studies. Almost all professions now embrace, as a core element, precise codes of behavior towards, and treatment of people during research studies. In this discussion we will explore some social science research studies that are now considered unethical. Today’s better appreciation of both the rights of the individual and the responsibilities of the social scientist have helped to shape our understanding of the incidents you will read about in the discussion. 
For this discussion you are asked to research one of the following using the Excelsior Library:
The Tearoom Trade
Stanford Prison Experiment
Stanley Milgram’s “obedience to authority” study
Then, read: The Belmont Report from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. 
access name is: thomasghardin91
access code is: th116827
In your discussion post, please:
Share the study you have chosen from the three studies listed.
Apply the Part B: Basic Ethical Principles from the Belmont Report to the study you selected.
Describe the study design and tell how it did or did not meet each of these three expectations (1. Respect for Persons, 2. Beneficence, and 3. Justice).
Redesign the study showing how this standard could be met and the study still conducted today.
In order to succeed at this discussion you will need to: Locate at least two academic resources that discuss the idea of ethical behavior in the social sciences and support your initial response. (See the EC Library study guide for the Liberal Arts)


Ethical Issues in Social Sciences Student: Professor: Institution: Course Title: Date: The tea room trade This is a research conducted by Humphrey in the 1960s, in which he was studying homosexuals in public restrooms called tearooms. He would act as a look out man to these men and warn them if anyone was approaching, however, the men had no idea he was a researcher. Other than the men he watched, Humphrey spoke to other men about his research and he would ask them questions pertaining this kind of relationship. Without any consent, he would get their licence plate and track their home addresses. He showed up a year later as a totally different person, with a new role of a social health researcher. He then interviewed these men and got information on their marita


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