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Topic: Critical Issues in Politics: Politics in a Changing Climate (POLA01H)

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Topic: Critical Issues in Politics: Politics in a Changing Climate (POLA01H)


Critical Issues in Politics: Politics in a Changing Climate
Fall 2016 Critical Essay Assignment 
Proposal Due November 4 by 5pm on Blackboard
Final Essay Due December 5 by 5pm on Blackboard
December 2015 saw the signing of the Paris Climate Agreements—the first major international agreement on climate change since 1997. Right now, countries are in the process of ratifying the agreement and other actors are working to figure out how to respond to climate change as part of the global response. Different states and actors within states will take different approaches and have more or less challenges developing effective climate policies. This paper asks you to zero in on a country and then compare what is happening at the national and subnational levels (politically). You will choose 1 of 3 countries and 1 subnational actor within the country you choose:
1. Canada and 1 of: Toronto, Vancouver, Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia
2. United States and 1 of: California, New York City, San Francisco
3. China and 1 of: Beijing, Shanghai
If you would like to do research on another country/subnational actor pair you can propose this and clear it with either me or your TA.
In the research and writing process you will:
• Investigate and summarize the current state of climate politics and action in your state and subnational actor (from 2014 through today), including how they have participated in international negotiations (if they have). This will require that you do research with media sources and government documents/websites that describe what your country and subnational actor are doing and the general outlines of the current politics of climate change.
• You will need to do research with academic sources that explore the general politics of climate change at the national, provincial, or municipal level. In other words you need to read and investigate what scholars have said about climate politics in the US, Canada, China at the national and subnational levels. 
• From this research you will formulate an argument that answers the following question: Taking into account what you know about how politics and the response to climate change works (advantages and disadvantages) at those different levels, which kind of response do you think is most important and effective? You will need to define what you mean by important and effective.
• You will support that argument with information you gathered in research about the climate response in the country you`ve chosen and academic literature on different kinds of climate politics and policies (national/local/global). 
Practically the steps for this project include:
1. Preliminary research on the climate policy and politics of your actors in media, government, and academic sources and consultation of academic sources that discuss your chosen actor`s role in climate politics more generally.
2. Write a proposal for the paper that provides 2 paragraphs of background on your chosen actors as well as a preliminary thesis statement. The proposal also much include a bibliography with a maximum of 10 sources—5 of these sources must be annotated and you must have at least 4 academic sources. You will receive feedback and a grade on the paper proposal. Proposals will also be discussed with your class colleagues in one of the tutorials.
3. Write the final paper (maximum of 1500 words) from the proposal and feedback.
MY THESIS IS: Canada as a Nation as well as the municipal of Toronto have been shown to have effective approaches to undertaking climate change. However, upon closer examination, it is evident that Toronto is more important and active in the response to climate change due to its role in transportation policies, its participation in global municipal networks, and Canada being viewed as a laggard in National negotiations. 


Climate Change Student`s Name Institutional Affiliation Climate Change In December 2015, world countries met in Paris during the Session of the Conference of the Parties to discuss the climate change challenge with the aim of coming up with a model of growth that guarantees safety, is durable and for the benefit all humankind. The conference saw a signing of what came to be termed as the Paris Climate Agreements which became the first major international agreements to be made since 1997. Agreements made were those to deliberate on reducing greenhouse gas emission by introducing mitigation strategies by each member state as well as adapting towards climate change. Currently, most countries are in the process of signing and ratifying the agreements while other actors are working on the methodologies of responding to climate change as part of the global response. As at November 2016, 193 of the members of UNFCCC had signed the treaty and 115 of those countries had already ratified the treaty. Canada is among the countries that took a longer time to ratify the agreement as they ratified it on October 5th, 2016. Although it was passed by a significant number of members of parliament, there were a significant number of conservatives who were against the treaty amounting to 81. Nevertheless, Canada as a nation as well as the municipal of Toronto has been shown to have effective approaches to undertaking climate change. However, upon closer examination, it is evident that To...

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