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Topic: Creative Critique of Baby Boom: Sensitivity of the Mother

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Topic: Creative Critique of Baby Boom: Sensitivity of the Mother


For this assignment, I`m going to ask you to be a little bit creative. You will to need find a copy of the popular movie Baby Boom (1987) with Diane Keaton. This is widely available. Start this assignment by completing all of the assigned readings, then watch the film. Write a 3-page paper that demonstrates your understanding of attachment theory so far.

You will begin with an introduction that introduces the reader to the film. Follow with a paragraph that outlines some discussion based on the guiding questions. Then compare and contrast the information from resources and what you wrote in your discussion paragraph. Finally, write a solid conclusion that wraps up everything you have mentioned in your essay

Baby Boom Overview: J.C. Wiatt (Keaton) is a driven Manhattan career woman (nicknamed the "Tiger Lady") whose fast-paced lifestyle leaves her with no time for romance or relaxation, though she derives pleasure from her frantic schedule and demanding job. She lives with an investment broker (Harold Ramis) whose job and lifestyle are likewise hectic. Her life is thrown into turmoil when she inherits a toddler, Elizabeth (twins Kristina and Michelle Kennedy), from a deceased cousin whom she hadn`t seen since 1954. Soon, caring for the child occupies much of her time, and her business career begins to suffer, culminating in the loss of her boyfriend and job. Wiatt tries to give Elizabeth up for adoption, but finds that she has grown too attached to the child, forcing a reevaluation of her priorities. (Source, Wikipedia)

Guiding Questions

I expect each of you to find a unique and creative way to analyze this movie in terms of attachment. As you begin your paper, consider some of the following guiding questions:

1. Does this film represent attachment theory accurately? Why or why not?

2. What coping strategies does the child use? Are these typical strategies?

3. Is the mother sensitive to the infant`s state of mind? How do you know?

4. In what ways does this movie demonstrate ethology? Explain.

Despite the informal nature of this assignment, you are expected to cite any texts (other people`s work or ideas) and don`t forget to add an additional reference page. This paper is expected to meet standards for an academic paper. It needs to be well-written, accurately referenced (if relevant), etc.


Creative Baby Boom Critique



Institute of Affiliation

Creative Baby Boom Critique


J.C. Wiatt is a management consultant; she has her professional identity at the Sloane Curtis Company. Wiatt’s love life is also figured out as she is in a relationship with one of the investment bankers by the name Steven Buchner. Their relationship is not demanding due to their busy lifestyles that make them more centered and fixated on their office work. Everything goes as usual until one day she gets news that she has an inheritance from her relative. Excitement build


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