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Topic: Course Project Part 1: Identifing A Researchable Problem

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Topic: Course Project Part 1: Identifing A Researchable Problem


Course Project: Part 1—Identifying a Researchable Problem
In this first component of the Course Project, you formulate questions to address a particular nursing issue or problem. You use the PICOT model—patient/population, intervention/issue, comparison, and outcome—outlined in the Learning Resources to design your questions.
To prepare:
•Review the article, “Formulating the Evidence Based Practice Question: A Review of the Frameworks,” found in the Learning Resources for this week. Focus on the PICOT model for guiding the development of research questions.
•Review the section beginning on page 71 of the course text, titled, “Developing and Refining Research Problems” in the course text, which focuses on analyzing the feasibility of a research problem.
•Reflect on an issue or problem that you have noticed in your nursing practice. Consider the significance of this issue or problem.
•Generate at least five questions that relate to the issue which you have identified. Use the criteria in your course text to select one question that would be most appropriate in terms of significance, feasibility, and interest. Be prepared to explain your rationale.
•Formulate a preliminary PICO question—one that is answerable—based on your analysis. What are the PICO variables (patient/population, intervention/issue, comparison, and outcome) for this question?
Note: Not all of these variables may be appropriate to every question. Be sure to analyze which are and are not relevant to your specific question.
•Using the PICOT variables that you determined for your question, develop a list of at least 10 keywords that could be used when conducting a literature search to investigate current research pertaining to the question.
To complete:
Write a 3- to 4-page paper that includes the following:
•A summary of your area of interest, an identification of the problem that you have selected, and an explanation of the significance of this problem for nursing practice
•The 5 questions you have generated and a description of how you analyzed them for feasibility
•Your preliminary PICOT question and a description of each PICOT variable relevant to your question
•At least 10 possible keywords that could be used when conducting a literature search for your PICOT question and a rationale for your selections


IDENTIFYING A RESEARCHABLE PROBLEM Name: Institutional Affiliation: Identifying a Researchable Problem Researchable Problem: Major depressive disorder (MDD) P: What is the population of patients? I: What are some of the potential interventions in this area? C: Aare there some comparative interventions in this area? O: What are some of the desired outcomes? T: (Time) Specified period of time Summary of Problem Major depressive disorder (MDD) remains one of the impairing, recurrent, and common ailments that detail an individual`s attempt to commit suicide, abuse drugs, and encounter interpersonal problems. The diagnosis and management of this disease among adolescents in America remains a health concern that affects the health industr


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