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Topic: Coulourpop : App Development

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Topic: Coulourpop : App Development


~ Only online, public assessable websites for references // MAIN FOCUS OF PAPER : Come up with a high level design document that details the creation of an App for the makeup brand `Colourpop` // Paragraph 1) App summary for the development of an App for the makeup brand Colourpop // Paragraph 2) Detailed market analysis of selected media and competitors // Paragraph 3) Target audience (youth) // Paragraph 4) How app is marketed; via social media, online linking to real events, search engine optimization, editorials // Paragraph 5) Transmedia extensions; through connection to real world experiences, web site functions and apps on other platforms // Paragraph 6) Key features, purpose and result of app, walk through functions of app, interface and intuitiveness, what is app`s "wow" factor //


Coulourpop: App Development Name Course Institution/Affiliation Date Coulourpop: App Development Coulourpop will be the best makeup application for selfies makeover for lipstick and numerous hair styles. It will allow users to do the real makeup of their facials. Gazdecki 2016 identifies the steps that can be followed to create a good app. Firstly, the development of the makeup app will require setting a goal. This involves defining what should be accomplished. The step highlights the problem to be solved by stating how the application will simplify life. Also, this stage identifies methods of making the app appeal to the target users. The goals should be clear enough to avoid frustrations in the future. The next step is sketching the ideas using a pen and paper. The ideas turn into visual representations. Sketches simplify the ideas and make it possible to visualize what the final product will be. The third step involves carrying out research on the topic. In this case, the app does virtual makeup which means that the research should be on beauty and fashion. To give the application a competitive edge, it is vital to research on other similar apps. Reading the competitors reviews is essential in establishing what people like or do not like about the apps. The information obtained is useful in giving an advantage to the new product. After the research, modification of the idea is necessary so that changes c...

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