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Topic: Consultative Change Proposal - Bathing to reduce incidence of pressure ulcers

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Topic: Consultative Change Proposal - Bathing to reduce incidence of pressure ulcers


Competency 7004.01.1: Nursing and Interprofessional Standards - The nurse applies the bachelor level of nursing and interprofessional standards to an organizational change or innovation to improve quality care outcomes. Competency 7004.01.2: Evaluating and Documenting Innovations - The bachelors prepared nurse evaluates an organizational change or innovation as measured against the master`s level nursing and interprofessional standards. ________________________________________ Scenario: You are a nursing consultant who has been assigned to analyze a healthcare organization in order to identify a change or improvement needed by the organization. In your analysis, you will use external measures such as HCAHPS scores, patient metrics, community needs, and comparisons to other facilities in area. After your analysis, you will write a consultative change recommendation to present to the executive board of the organization. ****Please use Mayo Clinic as the site for this paper**** General background information for the paper---An increase for two quarters in a row was noted when our pressure ulcer survey was done. A chart audit of documentation completed by staff revealed that documented bathing on patients was 48-50% in any given 24 hour period. Leadership is requesting a change by staff (RN`s and Patient Care Attendants - PCA`s) in order to reduce our pressure ulcer statistics and get below the benchmark as we were prior to the spike in our pressure ulcers. Mayo Clinic provides care for patient population 18 and older, all encompassing services with the exception of pediatrics, labor and delivery, inpatient psych. Consultative Change Proposal Outline Your paper should be written according to APA style guidelines and structured as follows: I. Introduction a. Purpose of consultation b. Overview of the consultation process II. Organizational Analysis a. Description of organization Include as much of the following information as is available to you: • Type and location of organization • Number of employees and patient encounters (approximate) • Departmental map, organizational chart, or leadership structure • Service area (e.g., size, age, demographics) • Services provided • Service area (e.g., size, age, demographics) • Services provided b. Primary needs of population served by this organization Consider: What are the primary health risks impacting the community (e.g., smoking, drug addiction, communicable disease, homelessness, poverty)? III. Nurse Leader Interview Summary a. Nurse leader role Consider: How does role align with role defined in The Essentials of Master`s Education in Nursing? Also consider the domains of influence or actual authority the nurse leader has in the organization. b. Characteristics of organization • Strengths • Weaknesses • Evidence-based practice activities • Quality improvement projects IV. Recommendation for Organization Change a. Recommendation b. Rationale Consider: How does the change address the organization`s weaknesses? How does it address the community`s needs? c. Measurement of effectiveness Consider: Identify a national benchmark of performance and describe a clear plan to measure the effectiveness of your proposed change over time. V. Conclusion VI. References


Consultative Change Proposal Student: Professor: Institution: Course title: Date: Introduction When the pressure ulcer survey was conducted in health care organizations, there was an increase of two quarters, in a row. The documented bathing on patients was 48-50% in a given twenty four-hour period. The leadership had then wished for a change in registered nurses (RN) and patient care attendants (PCAs) to get the statistics below the benchmark. This led to the assigning of a nursing consultant, in order to analyze the health care organizations and to come up with changes, recommendations, and improvements that would reduce the spike in pressure ulcers and statistics of pressure ulcers The Consultation process The consultation process will involve identifying that the health organization needs help and then establishing a helping relationship with desired outcomes; thereafter, identifying the problems (weaknesses) and coming up with a diagnostic analysis through HCAHPS scores, community needs, patient metrics, and comparison to other facilities. This will be followed by goal projection, an action plan, and a recommendation from the findings, which will be presented to the executive board of the health care organization. The health care organization that will be analyzed is the Mayo clinic, which has been providing care for patient population aged 18 years and over on all services excluding labou...

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