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Topic: Construction Methods Lost Over Time Research Assignment

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Topic: Construction Methods Lost Over Time Research Assignment


The topic of this Argumentative Research Essay, it to identify building construction methods that were used in the united states in an era before utilities( gas, electricity, plumbing) and they were extremely sustainable you must identify these methods in precedents, the 2 precedent that you must use Drayton Hall (for these buildings temperature control using just the opening and closing of the windows, the other is the Johnathan Fairbanks house for the use of the roof and how waterproof it is) plus a couple other precedents.
You mud also write why these methods were abandoned (cost, time spent, labor, lack of skilled labor) and you must also show using precedents how the old methods were replaced to the current methods and how they are unsustainable.
The point of this paper is to show the old methods, and the current methods and to argue that the old methods were better and how can we implemt these methods in todays world while avoiding the pitfalls that made these old methods obsolete. 
i will attach the abstract and some other directions as well.
Identify CONCRETE and.COMPLEX QUESTIONS (those that require DATA and those that require ANALYSIS). What do THEY SAY and what do YOU SAY? How are you answering the research questions?
USE YOUR RESEARCH (historical background, current data, questions about argument) and YOUR MOST IMPORTANT, “HIGH LEVEL” QUESTION (What is the "Mother Issue" that your whole project is attempting to address? Remember that we are NOT SOLVING anything now but looking at establishing a FIRM FOUNDATION or BASIS OF DESIGN for next semester`s "testing" with a project.)
Identify how these question categories can help frame your research proposal. This FINAL paper must include ARTICLES, DEFINITIONS, MAPS, GRAPHS that SHOW how you intend to ANSWER YOUR THESIS AND RESEARCH QUESTIONS.
For this FINAL paper include the following:
1. Clear identification of the question(s) you are addressing
2. The annotated bibliography of the sources you are using( don`t worry about the annotated bib, just give me sources that i can access myself) THE SOURCES MUST BE SCHOLARLY 
3. Your thesis statement and paper abstract.(i will attach the abstract) Refer to the LRC "Tips Sheet"(PLEASE USE THE TIP SHEETS AND USE THEIR FORMAT)


Roman Architecture Name: Course: Date: American Architecture Timber framing and the use of cement is an aspect that can be traced to the roman civilization. Much of the roman influence can be found in Europe and most importantly for this paper in America. The most important aspect of the developments is that the changes in the techniques and the approaches that have been used over the years are a reflection of the society and values that they had at the time. Looking at the developments that architecture has had over the years, there are frames of reference that can be made to a certain culture at the time and the dominant approaches that were used at the time, along with the values that were held in the society. The roman empire is one of the most significant historical landmarks that have been used in reference to civilization. In the case of the construction techniques, there are some aspects that could be borrowed from the same, and could be used to day. These are techniques that were used before there was an advent boom in the utilities that are now common in the 21st century techniques. Today, almost all of the buildings have some or all of the utilities such as gas, electricity and plumbing. At the same they are expensive and require massive resources along with labor. While the construction techniques during the roman empire may be considered to be ancient there are aspects that could be borrowed from the same. As they were cheap and us...

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