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Topic: Constructing the Written Evidence-Based Proposal: Final 8 NRS 441v.10R

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Topic: Constructing the Written Evidence-Based Proposal: Final 8 NRS 441v.10R


Constructing the Written Evidence-Based Proposal: Final
Combine all elements completed in previous weeks (Topics 1-4) into one cohesive evidence-based proposal and share the proposal with a leader in your organization. (Appropriate individuals include unit managers, department directors, clinical supervisors, charge nurses, and clinical educators.)
Obtain feedback from the leader you have selected and request verification using the Capstone Review Form. 
For information on how to complete the assignment, refer to "Writing Guidelines" and the "Exemplar of Evidence-Based Practice Capstone Paper."
Include a title page, abstract, problem statement, conclusion, reference section, and appendices (if tables, graphs, surveys, diagrams, etc. are created from tools required in Topic 4).
Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.
This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.
You are required to submit this assignment to Turnitin. Please refer to the directions in the Student Success Center. An abstract is required.
8 NRS 441v.10R.Exemplar of Evidenced-Based Practice.docx NRS441V.11.0_Capstone_Consent_Form.docx 7 NRS 441v.10R.Writing guidelines.docx NRS441V.R.CapstoneReviewForm_1-27-14.docx
Since we have prepared everything so far, I think I need only an "Abstract" and "Conclusion" of this capstone project as you can see the guideline from the attached file of Writing guidelines. 
Just a little confusing about the "Implementation plan` As I compare with the "8 NRS 441v.10R.Exemplar of Evidenced-Based Practice.docx". Because it is too small. Do we need to condense them to fit the Exemplar? if you think it is, could you condense it? if it is not, you do not need to. 


Compassion Fatigue Eunsook Kim Grand Canyon University; NRS 441V October 16, 2016 Dear writer. you have not followed what I asked you in the paper.1. my focus of the solution(physical empowerment) is on hiring a break nurse and one more resource nurse as we have talked before, can you add this to `Abstract, Conclusion"? This was mentioned in our solution. Still no key words.2. Theory was not incorporated in the paper. Which area is good to insert theory? you can add it.3. Can you convert the file of brochure to Word from PDF?4. Can you create a feedback paper from the Director? Thank you. CUSTOMER > ME   2016-11-13 13:06:00 Dear writer. What is the reference of pre, post questionaire, brochure?Can you covert pamphlet to Word doc also?Thanks. Abstract The Institute of Medicine has taken some drastic measures aimed at improving the nursing profession in a bid to meet the needs of the healthcare industry. The Registered Nursing Organization has a higher population of newly professional and educated care providers ready for recruitment. However, there are expectations from different health facilities to address the job satisfaction and high-stress levels within the industry, an aspect that results in less patient care for the nurses who struggle to achieve optimal working environments. The heightened stress levels and job dissatisfaction are considered as the primary reasons why most nurses abandon and neglect their...

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