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Topic: Communication Reflection: Enhancing Communication Skills

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Topic: Communication Reflection: Enhancing Communication Skills


Please write a reflection paper after you would have completed a oral communications class instructions below.
The reflection essay is due the last day of class and late submissions are not accepted. 
Please answer the following questions in an essay. Please read all the questions before writing; consider all the areas covered in the course, going back to the beginning. Remember to cite specific examples to illustrate your statements. 
What were your communication challenges at the start of class?
In what ways do you think you have progressed in your interpersonal communication abilities? What do you want to keep working on?
In what ways do you think you have progressed in your small group communication abilities? What do you want to keep working on?
In what ways has your understanding of nonverbal communication improved? How aware are you of the messages you send? In what ways are you better able to decode other people’s nonverbal messages?
How do you feel like your understanding of the ways that diversity affects communication (gender, ethnicity, etc.) has improved? Include specifics if you can.
What did you learn about interviewing, and what would you like to improve for future interviews?
Were your speeches well organized? Were the messages easy to follow? How could the organization have been improved?
How successful were your introductions, bodies, and conclusions? Again, be specific with examples.
How does your language, voice, and body language enhance or harm your communications efforts? Be as precise as you can and comment on all areas of your delivery. 
In your estimation, what were the most effective aspects of your messages?
Reflection paper feedback (worth 10 points each)
_____ Pre-existing communication challenges
_____ Interpersonal progression and goals
_____ Small group progression and goals
_____ Nonverbal understanding
_____ Diversity understanding
_____ Discussion of your interview effectiveness
_____ Discussion of your organization
_____ Discussion of your introductions, bodies, and conclusions w/examples
_____ Discussion of your use of language, voice, and body
_____ Discussion of the most effective aspects of your messages


Communication Reflective Essay Name: Institutional Affiliation: Communication Reflective Essay The class has significantly helped in enhancing my communication skills. At the beginning of the course, I had challenges in articulating my messages well that made it difficult for people to understand my position. Additionally, my confidence and clarity when conveying a message were wanting. Also, I did not know how well to employ my non-verbal signals to enhance my communication. My interpersonal communication abilities have improved considerably over the course period. I have learned how to become an engaged listener when conversing with others; I strive to understand both the information and the speaker’s emotions. Also, I now comprehend the need to remain calm, polite, and focused when communicating. However, I want to continue improving on these aspects and develop assertiveness to enable me to communicate my ideas and values freely. Moreover, my smal


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