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Topic: College Cost and Student Value of Education Research

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Topic: College Cost and Student Value of Education Research


Due dates: Rough Draft – 09/26/16 Final Draft – 10/19/16 
Length requirements: 5-7 pages (1500-2100 words approx.) 
Paper requirements: Your essay must be typed, double-spaced, and have margins no wider than 1¼”. Use a 12-point font, preferably Times New Roman or something similar. Do not use Courier. 
Assignment: Using at minimum of one article/essay from our class readings please use essay from" Island Bones by Joy Castro On Becoming Educated` plus two outside, credible sources of your choosing (this can be a newspaper or magazine article, a news report, etc.), argue a position based on one of the following statements: 
Take a side, develop a strong thesis, and argue your case. Remember, your position does not have to agree with either of these statements. You can disagree, or you can find yourself somewhere in the middle. It’s OK to live in the gray area (in fact, that’s where most of us view the world). 
Essay 1 will practice the following skills: integration of multiple texts with your ideas, summary, MLA documentation, organization, paragraph structure and support (“evidence”), development of a thesis, and critical/analytical thinking. Essay 1 is worth 25% of your final grade. 
In your paper you must include quotes in support of your thesis statement, preferably integrated into your text. For each point you make in support of your thesis you will: define your point in a clear manner, provide a source to support your point, and discuss how the example relates to your point (via metacommentary and/or return sentences). 
You must cite a minimum of four passages, in MLA format, to support your thesis. 
While your personal experience can (and most likely will) come to bear on this essay, this is not meant to act as solely a reflective piece. Therefore, while you can use personal 
pronouns (e.g., I, me, my) and personal statements (e.g., I think, I feel, I know), this essay should reach a universal audience. 
Things to consider before writing: 1. Who is your intended audience? How can your writing reach these individuals to guarantee they’ll pay attention? 2. Though you are certainly entrenched in both topics, you probably aren’t an expert on either. As such, how will you establish credibility to your audience? 3. Likewise, what can you do to create an emotional connection with your reader? 4. What do you need to do in order to complete this assignment in an orderly fashion? How can you guarantee you will successfully enter class on 9/26 with a


[Your Name] [Instructor Name] [Course Number] [Date] College Cost and Student Value of Education “The cost of college outweighs its immediate value to students leaving them in debt and unable to jumpstart lifelong careers.” My point of view on this statement is that there are benefits that the college graduates receive despite having student`s loans to pay. I think that college education is a good investment and the debts can be paid with time. It may be difficult to deal with the student loan debts but the advantage of a college degree puts one at a much higher position of getting employment and advancing in their careers. However, there are situations that the cost of college would overwhelm the value of the student. This writing will keenly evaluate the details that agree and those that disagree with the cost of college outweighing the immediate value to students such that, they are not able to jumpstart their careers due to the student debts they have. The points expressed will be those that are for and those that are against the statement. In this particular section, I will focus on the value of the students against the cost of college education. My argument will portray that the cost of college education does not overwhelm the value of the students. I will start by focusing on the benefits of the college education and pointing out that the cost of college actually enhances the student value. I concur with Deitz and Abel when the...

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