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Topic: Classical Conditioning: Design a Hypothetical Experiment

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Topic: Classical Conditioning: Design a Hypothetical Experiment


PSY340: Psychology of Learning 

Module 2: Classical Conditioning

Project: Classical Conditioning: Design a hypothetical experiment


As discussed in chapter 3 of our textbook, Pavlov successfully used classical conditioning principles to get the dog to salivate at the sound of a bell. Both humans and animals can be conditioned to perform certain tasks. Your goal for this Classical Conditioning Experiment will be to develop a situation, and through the use of classical conditioning, attempt to produce a conditioned response.

Design a hypothetical experiment in which you take a neutral stimulus and condition a person or animal to respond to it. You will be expected to write a lab report where you will discuss your approach, the principles you used, and make conclusions about how you successfully or not used conditioning principles. Please include the following in your lab report:

Question:  What are you trying to achieve? Make a person blink on cue.

Hypothesis: I predict that I can make a person blink at the sound of a doorbell.


The procedure for your classical conditioning experiment needs to be written in paragraph format. 

Outline each step in the procedure. 

You may use clip art if you’d like to illustrate your experiment.

Define all the terms used (e.g., CS, CR, UCS, UCR). 

Assume that I do not know anything about the subject or the experiment. 


Provide a good summary of your experiment. 

Include the potential results of the experiment:

Do you think your experiment will work? 

What are some factors that can make your experiment a success? 

Why do you think your experiment may fail? 

Could your subject generalize their response?

Make sure to cite your sources using APA Style.  

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Classical Conditioning: Design a Hypothetical Experiment

Classical Conditioning: Design a Hypothetical Experiment
People adopt undesirable behavior based on certain emotional reactions. Classical conditioning is an ideal process of learning new behavior to overcome psychological problems that affect our behavior. Classical conditioning occurs through the association of environment stimulus and natural stimulus (Eysenck & Martin, 2013). Below is a lab report of an experiment conducted to analyze how bed-wetting among children can eliminate to help improve the human condition based on Ivan Pavlov`s classical conditioning.
Question: Can a child who wets his bed be conditioned by a bell to go to the bathroom to urinate?
Hypothesis: using classical conditioning, children can be conditioned to stop bedwetting using a bell.
A child who wets his bed is made to sleep on a pad; the first step is to place a pad next to the child. Inside the pad, a wire mesh is connected to the bell. If the child wets the bed, an electrical circuit is designed in a way that will cause the bell to ring hence the child will be woken up by the sound of the ringing bell (Axelrod, Tornehl & Fontanini‐Axelrod, 2014). The process should be repeated several times; with time, the child will be conditioned to wake up every time he wets his bed. The child will start associating the feeling of pressure in his...

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