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Topic: Cheryl Strayed`s “Wild”: A case of Post Traumatic Disorder

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Topic: Cheryl Strayed`s “Wild”: A case of Post Traumatic Disorder


this assignment is about watching a movie called : "Wild" it`s a movie about mentally ill person and write about it . I am only supposed to write about this movie that i choose. is all about mental illness. the page I want is 3 pages. The format is APA format.plagiarism has to be less than 20. please also read the information attached and contact me for any information you need.


Each student will review, summarize, and critique an assigned movie related to a mental health nursing.


This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes:

CO #1, 3 Identify factors that influence the outcome of the communication process in persons with mental illness;

CO #5 Utilize available resources to meet self-identified goals for personal, professional, and educational development appropriate to the mental health setting; (PO #5)

CO #7 Examine moral, ethical, legal, and professional standards and principles as a basis for clinical decision making; (PO #6)


Cheryl Strayed’s “Wild”: A case of Post Traumatic Disorder Name Institutional Affiliation Cheryl Strayed’s “Wild”: A case of Post Traumatic Disorder Introduction “Wild” is the movie adaptation of Cheryl Strayed’s book “Wild” which captures the story of Cheryl’s solo journey across the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). The movie is set in the summer of 1995 when the author was in her late twenties and still struggling to find out who she was. At the time, Cheryl was married, unhappy and her mother was suffering from cancer. Following her mother’s demise, Cheryl’s life takes a turn for the worse, having already lost her father. Her mother’s death hence precipitates the impending disastrous turn her life takes; she can no longer sustain her marriage, cheating on her husband several times, losing him through a divorce and watching her family disintegrate. Four years after the loss of her mother, Cheryl’s downward spiral has reached its climax, and she feels that she has nothing to lose. It is at this point that she impulsively decides to hike the PCT with no training or experi


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