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Topic: Central Dogmas of Biology and Chemistry as a Natural Science

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Topic: Central Dogmas of Biology and Chemistry as a Natural Science


Recall that the outcomes we are targeting in this assignment are:
Interpret the central dogmas of at least two of the disciplines included in the natural sciences by defining the core theories and important discoveries that inform theses disciplines.
Schematize how the research and discoveries in one field impact the research and discoveries in another for at least two natural sciences disciplines
This assignment is designed to allow you to demonstrate your mastery of these two learning outcomes.
In this essay assignment you will be using the same approach that you used to present your topic proposal and outline for your final paper in Module 2. You submitted a topic proposal and outline in module 3 for Essay 2. In this module you will submit your Essay 2.
For Essay, you will write a 1500 – 2000 word (6-7 pages) essay (due here in Module 4 M4A1) that fully addresses the following assignment.
You should bring in at least 5 additional sources beyond the assigned readings that may apply.
The essay will include:
Select TWO of the scientific disciplines in the Natural Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geology, Astronomy, Earth Science)
Create a well organized informative essay that explains, describes analyzes and examines:
The central dogma of each of the disciplines you selected; be sure to define the core theories and important discoveries that inform theses disciplines.
Discusses in detail how the research and ideas in discipline A impact the research and ideas in discipline B.
Identify and examine new paths in research that include interdisciplinary work between these two fields.
Identify and explain at least one new interdisciplinary field of study that incorporates work from both of these disciplines


BIOLOGY AND CHEMISTRY AS A NATURAL SCIENCE Name Affiliate institution Biology and chemistry Introduction Since the existence of the two forms of sciences, biology and chemistry have been regarded as a natural science, biology being simply described as the study of life and chemistry the study of matter, its properties and structure. Biology is a discipline that has been in existence and it’s responsible in addressing the basic concepts surrounding life, the physiological structures of the animal body, diseases, and the concept of classification, growth and development of the animals and plants and to some complex end, the origin of life. Due to this aspects, biology has remained to be an important discipline in world curriculum. Despite their popularity as forms of natural science, the two disciplines have many sub branches that have developed research units distributed globally (Motlhabane, 2013). Through the research stations and centers developed, there have been ongoing researches conducted with an aim of finding the solutions to simple issues surrounding the life of animals and plants. These researches are mainly on diseases and their spread and development. The dogma surrounding the natural sciences The concept of DNA molecules that are a complex form of biology is considered as the dogma surrounding biology as a natural science. DNA has been established to b


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