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Topic: Case Study Assignment Paper About Erickson and Piaget

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Topic: Case Study Assignment Paper About Erickson and Piaget


Please follow the instructions I need a good case study on two of Erickson stage theory and two from Piaget theory of development Create a case study for each you can pick the four case study as instructions say label which two are Erickson and which are Piaget. then label each case study with the theorist stages relevant to it. I am on asking for 3 pages that is all I can afford, A title page is expected. case study scholary. need in 10 days

Jean Piaget, the pioneering Swiss philosopher and psychologist, spent much of his professional life listening to children, watching children and poring over reports of researchers around the world who were doing the same. He found, to put it most succinctly, that children don`t think like grownups. After thousands of interactions with young people often barely old enough to talk, Piaget began to suspect that behind their cute and seemingly illogical utterances were thought processes that had their own kind of order and their own special logic. Einstein called it a discovery "so simple that only a genius could have thought of it."


Case Study of Erickson and Piaget Name: Institution: Date: Case Study of Erickson Case Study 1 - Hope: trust vs. mistrust Casey is a 2 year old baby. Her mother is complaining that the Child is constantly crying or seems agitated. Her mother is concerned that there might be a problem despite the lack of any physical malady. Discussion Erikson notes that human relationship between a child and the caregivers in the initial stages of their lives form the basis of all social interactions in future. The infant transits from the comfort and security afforded by being in the uterus to a new and incorrigible world. The infant is naturally uneasy and the key question would be if they can trust the new world. The creation of trust is therefore based on how caregivers interact with the baby. If caregivers are consistently available for the child, catering to their needs and demands. The child learns to trust the world and the people within it. The child thus learns to expect warmth, affection and love from people.


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