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Topic: Case Study Assignment Element of International Tourism

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Topic: Case Study Assignment Element of International Tourism


Explore and critique potential trends and developments within International Tourism over the next thirty years or so. You should focus on one particular element of the international tourism industry or market and your suggestions should be fully justified. 

Assignment Guidelines

1. Focus on only one element of international tourism. For example hotel provision, international air travel, the international cruise industry, heritage tourist attractions, eco-tourism, event tourism, sports tourism, tourism regeneration or slow travel. If in doubt, please speak to your tutor

2. Do not focus on one country or place. 

3. Do not focus specifically on developing countries as this will overlap too much with the previous assignment. 

4. What are contemporary demand trends for tourism and what may this tell us about the future?

5. Wider changes in society (for example technology or environmental concerns) and how these may feed into future tourism trends and patterns. The student has considerable freedom in deciding which changes might be significant but should justify their answer. 

6. The student should explore and critique tourism futurology. 

7. The ways in which the product quality, appeal, sustainability or viability might be improved.

8. The assignment should be written in essay format with a logical link between different paragraphs and a clear introduction and conclusion.

9. A literature search of books and journals should be undertaken in order to answer this question.

10. The word limit should not exceed 2,000 words. The word count must be stated on the assignment. Appropriate material contained in appendices will not count towards the word count.

11. Sources should be acknowledged and referenced according to the Harvard system where appropriate. 



Elements of International Tourism

The growth in tourism across the globe has increased immensely in the 21st century, creating many jobs and contributing to exchange of culture. Future projections by industry experts indicate that tourism shall surpass most traditional sources of revenue due to economic growth and subsequently increase in middle class. This study explores the emerging trends in tourism, the future of tourism, and the best practices managers of tourist destinations ought to make to keep up with the demands of future tourism.

Contemporary Trends in Tourism

Tourism is one of the largest industries in the world and has potential to grow exponentially in almost every country in the world. In the United States, tourism, and travel is the third largest industry coming only after automobile and food industries, contributing up to $110 billion in revenues and over $770 billion in expenditure annually (Delener 2010). The surge in tourism has seen hotel rooms’ demand in India rise exponentially, with the government placing a shortfall of rooms to 10,000, despite the industry raking home $9.44 billion in 2014 (Rao 2014). This is due to increasing demands in tourism destination places across the world.

The biggest demand evident in the tourism industry is the rebranding of the previous unpopular tourism destination places. This is a reaction to...

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