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Topic: Business Ethic Research Assignment: Nike on Child Labor

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Topic: Business Ethic Research Assignment: Nike on Child Labor


The essay assignment for this course is eight (5) page paper in APA format with cited research on your topic selected from the list below. I need you to use the library from my school for one of your sources. Please let me know what I need to provide you to make that happen. The assignment is to collect, examine, and analyze primary source materials, and organize them into a paper. You should cite at least seven (7) references (at least five references from Academic databases, such as EbscoHost, ProQuest, Google Scholar or LexisNexis). AND one from my university library. Also, be mindful of plagiarism and cite your sources.
Select ONE from the following list of business ethical dilemma topics to research:
Enron Financial Issues
Google FoxConn Labor Scandal
Nike Sweatshop and Child Labor Scandal
Starbucks Family Farmer Outsourcing and Environmental
Sustainability Issues
Dannon False Advertising Claims Regarding Activia
Content Expectations for your paper include:
1. Introduction including factual background and thesis statement.
2. Identification and discussion of ethical, legal and industry related business issues at controversy in the case at hand. 
3. Application of research, course terminology and themes to analyze the case study.
4. Discussion of how the case and issues at hand were resolved.
5. Personal opinions with researched support and justification for your insights on the relevancy, sustainability, social, environmental, financial, or other applicable value of the resolution.
6. Conclusion including discussion of the implications and personal evaluation of the case for the future of domestic and international business ethics, regulatory/legal standards, corporate social responsibility, and corporate leadership issues within the context of 21st century precedents.
Collegiate Graduate Level Writing Expectations include competency in the following:
Sentence Structure
Verb Tense and Agreement
Pronoun Use
Possessive Use
Focus and Organization
Thesis Statement & Conclusion
APA Style Citation to Avoid Plagiarism
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Nike on Child Labor Name: Institution: Course: Date: Introduction Child slavery is one of the oldest practices and can be traced throughout the human history. Ideally the practice has been tied to children working as servants and apprentices. However, during the industrial revolution, the practice reached new heights, with most of the entities taking the form of slavery (Child Labor Education Project, 2016). Most of the practices during this era involved children working for long hours and in the most dangerous conditions. One of the main aspect that led to the use of the children was their size. Ideally the children had the ability to move around within small spaces, especially in operations such as mining (HISTORY.com, 2016). But the most important part was the fact that, they were easier to manipulate and could be paid much less for more work. It was not until the great depression that the market opinions changed. Most of the people now wanted the jobs to go to the adults. However, there have been some incidences in the recent past that have been a highlight of the child labor ethical violations (Micheletti, Føllesdal, Stolle & International Seminar on Political Consumerism, 2004). There is an estimated 211 million children under the age 15 whose rights are being violated across the globe. This is relative to the fact that, child labor is global problem that. It is further estimated that, there are more than 2.5 million children working in the ...

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