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Tophttp://yourdissertation.co.uk/admin/insertdow.php?catID=27&mainID=2#tab-2ic: Business and Marketing Research: Starbucks or Apple

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Topic: Business and Marketing Research: Starbucks or Apple


Please answer the following. Thanks!
What is the difference between common stock and preferred stock? What are some of the characteristics of each type of stock?
2. What is classified stock? When “going public, why might a small company designate some stock currently outstanding as “founders’ shares”?
3. A sinking fund can be set up in one of two ways:
(a) the corporation makes annual payments to the trustee, who invests the proceeds in securities (frequently government bonds) and uses the accumulated total to retire the bond issue at maturity;
(b) the trustee uses the annual payments to retire a portion of the issue each year, either calling a given percentage of the issue by a lottery and paying a specified price per bond or buying bonds on the open market, whichever is cheaper. 
Given all this, please discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each procedure from the viewpoint of both the firm and its bondholders.
The Four Ps of Marketing were invented in 1964, by Jerome McCarthy as a means of translating marketing planning into practice. They were made leading edge by Philip Kotler in his book Principles of Marketing in 1967.
The critics of Four Ps of Marketing based marketing mix suggest that it (1) is internally oriented, (2) does not consider customer behavior, (3) regards customers as passive, and (4) does not allow interaction with consumers/customers and cannot capture relationships.
Do you agree with the critics of Four Ps of Marketing? Why, or why not?
In Advertising`s New Medium: Human Experience by J.F. Rayport, he discusses the four spheres of human experience (The Public Sphere, The Social Sphere, The Tribal Sphere, and the Psychological Sphere) as a way of better structuring advertising to reach your target market. Discuss the implications of each of these spheres and how they would affect a company like Starbucks or Apple. Provide qualitative data that supports your response.
What type of psychological research has contributed to the field of consumer behavior in respect of marketing? Select a company that you are familiar with and apply at least one of these concepts in your response. Provide qualitative data that supports your response. Finally, review your classmate’s responses and provide a substantive comment(s) to at least two of them.


Business and marketing Student`s Name Institutional Affiliation Business & Marketing Question 1 Common stock represents those securities that, in case of liquidation, are paid out to the holders after all the debts have been cleared ( what is left is shared among common stock holders) while preferred stock refers to securities that, in case of liquidation are paid together with other creditor


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