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Topic: Briefing Paper: Response to Japanese Position on Brexit

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Topic: Briefing Paper: Response to Japanese Position on Brexit


Dear Junior Analyst,
Foreign Minister Phillips will be going on a trip soon and would like to talk to whomever is responsible for Japan’s decision to send a letter to the UK government outlining the Japanese position on Brexit. The minister is not interested in why this happened, only the decision maker(s).
Your direct boss, the ministry’s director of research, has asked that you write a briefing paper following the ministry’s standard format on the following topic. He reminds you that Mr. Phillips does not understand foreign policy analysis jargon
In addition to the articles used in class, all briefing papers are required to use and cite ONE academic article. DO NOT cite Wikipedia for your briefing papers. 
Please include only the following information in the top left corner: Briefing paper Number (1, 2, or 3); Your Student ID; and Title (keep the title to less than one line of text). Include the word “Rewrite” after the briefing paper number when appropriate.
Briefing papers are limited to two pages (with no separate bibliography or title page). All briefing papers are single-spaced with twelve-point Times New Roman font; at approximately two cm top, bottom, left, and right margins; and double-spaced between paragraphs. Please bold-face what you consider to be the thesis of your briefing paper and the topic sentence of each paragraph. If you fail to follow this format, the assignment guidelines, or the footnote guide, the penalty is 30 points. You can find a sample Briefing Paper on elearn (Look for Sample Briefing Paper). 
Please cite using footnotes according to the University of Chicago-Turabian style sheet using numbered footnotes. You may use ten-point Times New Roman font for your footnotes. For our purposes, you do not need to include a bibliography; your footnotes will suffice. 
Briefing papers must be in proper English. Briefing papers will be allowed three mistakes in the areas of spelling, punctuation, subject-verb agreement, malapropisms, and capitalization. If you repeat the same mistake, each instance counts toward the three mistakes rule. The fourth mistake will result in a penalty of 30 points. Consistency is the goal. I recommend using either the Guardian or the Economist style guides (both are online) for UK conventions and, reluctantly, the AP style guide for US conventions. Choose one and stick with it. 


Briefing Paper # - Rewrite Your Student I.D. Response to Japanese Position on Brexit Dear Minister Phillips, As an issue that requires a great deal of urgency and severity, this is to give a succinct background about the letter sent by the Japanese to the UK government containing their position on the British Exit (aka Brexit). As we already know, the Japanese were one of the economies with which we h


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