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Topic: Audi Advertising and Marketing Communications Report

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Topic: Audi Advertising and Marketing Communications Report


Assume a new product from Audi is being launched and develop an advertising and Marketing Communications report that provides recommendations on the advertising and marketing strategies and tactics that can be used to promote the new product. In addition, a sample print advertisement comprising copy and layout must be included ( if extra payment needed please advise) // The report should include : 1) Situation Analysis of company 2) Advertising and Marketing Communication Objectives 3) Target audience profile 4) Recommended advertising and marketing communication tools 4) Proposed evaluation and control methods 5) Sample press release 6) Sample print advertisement in assignment appendix // Details can be invented, and please use only online publicy available sources


Audi: Advertising and Marketing Communications Report Name: Institutional Affiliation: Audi: Advertising and Marketing Communications Report Audi, a German automobile company under the Volkswagen Group, was founded in 1899 by August Horch. The Audi brand is among the most known and best-selling luxury cars that have managed to set itself apart through innovation and state-of-the-art technology. The manufacturer engineers design, produces, distributes and markets the stylish vehicles throughout the world. The company has over the years developed different models of its SUV’s, Convertibles, Sedans, and Coupes with improvements meant to increase performance and make it more luxurious. Some of the recent designs include the Audi R8 Supercar, Audi A3 Cabriolet, Audi Q7, and Audi S8 Plus (Audi.com, 2016). The paper presents the advertising and marketing strategies that the manufacturer can use to promote its new model, Audi Sports Car. Audi Situational Analysis The understanding of the external and internal factors of the company is crucial for the generation of the best marketing plan (Cooper, 2000). The evaluation enables the comprehension of Audi’s business market, customers, and capabilities. A SWOT analysis gives the picture of the organization’s products, competition, clients, and market. Strengths The products of any motor company determine the failure or success of the enterprise. Audi has set itself at the top, with the various car...

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