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Topic: Assignment Option #2: Training Program of any Organization

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Topic: Assignment Option #2: Training Program of any Organization


Assignment Option #2: Training Program (350 points) 

For this Portfolio Project option, you will choose and build a training plan. Identify a common training problem that organizations struggle with and the best way to address this problem. Examples include: change management, technology implementation, communication, team building, and conflict resolution. Also, determine how to implement the training by identifying the method of delivery. Follow these steps:

 Write the report.

Proofread and submit both items.

 Congratulate yourself on what you have accomplished!

The report must include:

 An eight to 10-page double-spaced paper (not counting the cover page, abstract, and reference page) with appropriate references. Make sure your paper is formatted and cited according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements.

 The report must include the following items:

1. Identify what the problem is and what type of training is being proposed. Relate this to the organization’s strategic imperatives.

2. Prepare an overview of why the training is needed. Include the learning objectives that you have identified for the program.

3. Research best practices on how to train toward this problem. Discuss what other organizations have done to train on this topic. You can include White Papers.

4. Create a flowchart of the process to conduct research and collect data for decision making (which does not have to fit any specific process form; just make it clear).

5. Outline an abbreviated needs analysis, including a high-level assessment of skills, costs, and risks.

6. Propose high-level training solutions, including recommendations and justifications for development, implementation, technologies, and assessment type (or justification that training is not a solution that will adequately address the issue, and present a proposal for a non-training solution).

7. Write a conclusion that reiterates the recommendation and ties it back to the best practices of other organizations.


Training Program


Institution of affiliation


Training Program

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